How To Create The Chelsea Blowdry

Add bouncy curls and body to your hair for a voluminous blowdry. In this blowdry tutorial we will show you how to re-create the popular Chelsea Blowdry with Sophie Chandler, top Stylist at Rush Hair Croydon and Workshop Team member (our team of styling gurus).

Take some celebrity inspiration from Kate Middleton’s beautiful curls or Jennifer Lopez’s sultry version or the Chelsea Blowdry.

Wear it day or night and even transform it into an up-do.

How to style:

  1. Savily spray L’Oreal TecNi Art PLI on roots and mid-lengths starting at the back, section by section. Make sure hair is saturated with this product as it is key for maintaining hold in this look.
  2. Make 6 sections: At the front part 1 at both sides of the head and 1 in the middle from crown to front. At the back part 1 from crown to mid-back of head and 1 just above the nape. Leave a small section just at the nape.
  3. Using a radial brush, blowdry the hair from root to ends pointing the hair dryer nozzle down the hair.
  4. Make a small section using 2 fingers and wrap the hair around your fingers to create a roll of hair and pin into place at root. Make sure it is clipped in tight for hold and smoothness.
  5. Repeat this throughout the other sections.
  6. Leave hair clipped up until the sections have all cooled down to room temperature.
  7. Take clips out and using a soft brush, brush through hair to reveal a beautiful bouncy Chelsea Blowdry.

Recommended products:
To create this look make sure your styling kit has in:

  • L’Oréal TecNi Art PLI
  • Hair Pins
  • Ghd Blowdryer

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