Super Styling With Redken

Did you know that over half of women in the UK have said that they haven’t used any heat protection for their hair in the last 12 months?

This might not sound like a big deal, right? But with sales of heat styling tools growing every year (we all love a straightener!), that means lots of us are damaging our hair when we really don’t need to. We can have the curls or style we want without having to ditch our beloved tools; plus, it’ll save you spending hours searching for how to fix that dry, damaged hair every night before bed (we all do it!).

There are lots of hair care treatments out there that can help to counter the visual effects of heat damage, but Redken has released something that actually reverses damage and repairs your hair, bringing it back to the way you like it, whilst protecting and strengthening at the same time. How great is that?!

New to the scene but part of a tried a tested Redken range is the iconic Redken Extremes’ latest addition: Redken Extreme Play Safe Leave-In Heat Protection Styler. Quite a mouthful, but more than capable of getting the job done.

Because heating unprotected hair on tongs can be pretty unforgiving, Redken Extreme Play Safe infuses your locks with proteins, helping to prevent breakage and defending them against temperatures of up to 450°F. This, in turn, reduces the appearance of surface damage and split ends.

To celebrate this HAIRmazing new product, we’re launching the Redken Super Styling Menu into Rush Salons.

So, what’s this Super Styling menu, we hear you cry? Glad you asked. 😉

Created by Rush Editorial Director Tina Farey especially for Redken at Rush Salons, you can choose from one of three styling looks from our in-salon menu. A trained Rush stylist will recreate that look for you.

Quicker than an full cut and finish, these looks are perfect for when you want salon results without spending hours in the chair and most importantly, they are styles that suit any day of the week. So, without any more messing about, here’s the lowdown:

1. The Friday French

Perfect for a Friday night out, this variation on a classic French plait keeps you looking great while holding everything in place, so you can swagger into the weekend like the Slay Queen you are! Price From £46.00

2. Box Fit

We love this look; it keeps things professional all week, whilst still being super stylish. Ideal for every hardworking woman out there taking on life like a boss, the Box Fit is your best bet for showing off your sophisticated side and at the same time having great fun with your hair. Price From £46.00

3. Sunday Wave

Ready to let your hair down in every sense of the phrase? Sundays always have a sense of freedom, so to reflect that, we’ve given you the Sunday Wave, styled using Redken Extreme Play Safe. This ‘do is the one for every chilled occasion; soft curls and waves will give you a relaxed, outgoing look. Casual certainly shouldn’t be dull, and the Sunday Wave reflects exactly that. Price From £31.00

Are you ready to try the new styles on our Super Styling menu? Find a Rush Stylist today and ask about Redkens’ Extreme Play Safe and all the looks on offer in our brand new selection. All Super Styling appointments must be booked via the phone, new styles cannot be booked online.