5 things you should tell your hairdresser


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We’ve all been there, we have an idea in our head of our perfect hair style, whether we’re lusting after Blake Lively’s blonde highlights or Kate Middleton’s bouncy blowdry. Yet when we’re in the chair we go blank and can’t quite articulate how we want it and spend the whole appointment hoping our hairstylist telepathically understands what we have in mind.

Have no fear, here are 5 things you should tell your hairdresser in order to get your perfect haircut:

Speak the lingo so you're both on the same page
Speak the lingo so you’re both on the same page

1. Speak the lingo

Hairdressers are an artistic type who use a lot of technical hair lingo which usually goes over our head. But if you’re able to differentiate between your balayage and your babylights, strong to light fringes or from ‘brondes’ to ‘ronzes’ you will be speaking the language they understand so a lot closer to getting the hairstyle your want. You should tell your hairdresser and really take your time during your hair consultation to explain exactly what you want. A couple of key adjectives could be the difference between your best and worst haircut!

2. Bring in photos

If you find it hard to talk through your dream haircut, a picture can speak a thousand words, especially when it comes to colour. Bring in a couple of photos from magazines or screenshot your favourite celebrities as a guide for your hairdresser.

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3. Be realistic

A good hairstylist will understand what you desire and what celebrity you want to miraculously turn into during your appointment; but know what is realistic based on your hair type. Previous colours applied and a history of overusing straighteners can damage hair and may limit what you can do right away. Your hairstylist will give you options and the right steps and treatments to get to your desired dream do. So be patient, and talk through your options with your stylist.

4. Talk about yourself

It sounds strange, but let your hairstylist really get to know you and your hair needs and problems. Talk about your lifestyle, whether you take a lot of time getting ready or if you are someone who lives in the fast lane, do you like to wear your hair up? Or down and styled? What colour or cut will be appropriate for your workplace? Talk it all out, so your stylist clearly understands what not to do, so you are able to fully relax when they start snipping.

Leaving the Rush salon like
Leaving the Rush salon like

5. Ask for advice

Keep talking and ask questions throughout! Find out what your hairstylist is doing during your appointment, what products they are using on your hair, what the best technique is for blowdrying your new do and what after care styling products would work best. Your stylist will be able to advise you what products are best to achieve certain looks from slick up-dos to loose beachy waves and what would suit you. All the professional products stylists use are available to buy in salon, so you can use what works best for your hair type and get your salon luxury look at home. Check out our How to blog section to get your salon professional look at home.

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