Gents’ blend-away greys

If you’re going silver before you’d like to, our men’s grey-blending service banishes your salt and pepper hair, instead creating a natural, youthful look.

Gents blend-away greys

What you can expect with a gents’ blend-away greys

Step 1 Book an appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Take a look at our FAQS page and find out if you need to have a skin & patch test


Step 3 Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your appointment time


Step 4 Find out the right colour for your hair by consulting with an expert stylist


Step 5 Next, your bespoke blending colourant will be mixed to achieve your personalised look


Step 6 The colour is gently applied onto the grey areas of your hair you want to disguise


Step 7  Chill out while your colour takes effect


Step 8 After your colour has worked its magic, we’ll shampoo and condition your hair


Step 9 We’ll give you an express-dry so you can see the finished result


How long does gents' blend-away greys take?

Usually around 30 minutes.

Our expert stylists will take time to see what shade works for you, apply your bespoke colour and finish by shampooing, conditioning and drying your hair.

How much does gents' blend-away greys cost?

Starting at £42.

Men’s grey blending is a quick service that only requires semi-coverage, so it’s more affordable than a full-head permanent colour.

Gents’ blend-away greys FAQs

What is the gents’ blend-away greys?

Gents’ blend-away greys is a colouring service which subtly disguises your grey hairs. Rather than full colour coverage, this service reduces the brightness of white hair for a natural look.

Is gents’ blend-away greys colour permanent?

Gents’ blend-away greys is a temporary colour solution for disguising lighter coloured hair. If you’d like a permanent colour solution for total coverage, our full-head permanent colour service can provide this.

What people say

I had my hair coloured and styled and felt like I’d had a makeover. I don’t think I’ve had as many compliments about my hair EVER!



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