10 Things Your Hairstylist Wishes You’d Tell Them!

Communicating your dream hair do, or your favourite new celebrity hair colour, to your hairstylist isn’t always easy, even if you are in simpatico with each other!

Have you ever wondered what your hairdresser needs to know to help you become the best you (or at least the best hair you)? Well look no further!

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We asked Rush Aldwych Stylist and Rush Workshop Team member, Emma Fitzpatrick, to tell us the ten things she wished she knew before starting your appointment.

Any pictures or celebrity hair inspirations? We hairdressers are visual people and nothing says it better than a picture! Especially when we all describe shapes and colours in different ways. A picture says a thousand words, get building that Pinterest board.

What DON’T you like! Showing your stylist what you don’t like is almost as important as showing us what you DO like. It all helps form an idea of your tastes and more about you as a person. So lets sit down and flick through hair magazines together!

How long do you spend on your hair? Be honest! We want your hair to look good every time you do it, not just in the salon. So we may have some hints and tips to help you recreate it at home!

A little bit about yourself! Let us know a bit about you! We do all our consultations without a gown, to get an idea of you and your style. Feel free to share a bit more about your vibe! We want your hair to reflect your personality and tastes.

What was your favourite hairstyle you ever had? We love pictures and inspiration. What if we could recreate your favourite do, or even better be inspired by you? You know it works and you know how it made you feel.

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What DOESN’T work on your hair! Nobody knows their own hair better than you! And the more we know, the happier you’re going to be. Hints and tips from you are so important to us too!

When did you enjoy your hair the most since our last appointment? If you visit me often, chances are that we try new things! But did you prefer the colour a few weeks in? When it was softer or with a little root shadow? Or did you prefer the length as it grew? Sometimes the things we leave are as important as the things we do. It’s all about evolution!

Have you used henna or ‘brightening’ shampoos on your hair? Did you know, some supermarket products, are not compatible with salon hair colours? They can fizzle and break your hair! So be honest with us and we can recommend ways of working around it. All better than damaging your hair!

How much do you want to spend? Let’s have fun talking about what we want to do with your hair! But let’s also be realistic! Even if we have to save the big changes and just maintain your look this time, we can help you take the first steps to the style you want. With your price quoted and set at the beginning there will be no surprises! Rebook next time to ensure your total makeover! Let us budget your look with you.

Dream hair that you KNOW you can’t have! So, you know it’s impossible, and you think it won’t suit you. But show us anyway!
Knowing what your dream do is helps us to identify your aspirations and desires.

We are the experts, and if we learn more about you and what you love we are inspired! Together we can find something about that dream style that we can bring to your life.

Find your local Rush Hair salon today and discover how your hairstylist can help you get the look you want.

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