20 Trendy Short Hairstyles

20 Trendy Short Hairstyles (2024)

Are you ready to make a bold statement with your hair in 2024? Short hairstyles have been taking the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. Not only do they exude confidence and personality, but they also offer incredible versatility and ease of maintenance. Whether you’re considering a dramatic chop or simply looking to […]

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Are you ready to make a bold statement with your hair in 2024? Short hairstyles have been taking the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. Not only do they exude confidence and personality, but they also offer incredible versatility and ease of maintenance. Whether you’re considering a dramatic chop or simply looking to refresh your current short style, you’ve come to the right place.

At Rush Hair & Beauty, our expert stylists stay at the forefront of the latest hair trends, ensuring that our clients always leave our salon with the most fashionable and flattering looks. We understand that the decision to go short can be daunting, but trust us when we say that the results are worth it. Short hairstyles have the power to transform your entire look, highlighting your best features and showcasing your unique sense of style.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 20 trendy short hairstyles that are set to dominate 2024. From edgy pixie cuts to chic bobs and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. These styles prove that short hair is anything but boring, with endless possibilities for customisation and personalisation.

So, whether you’re a short hair veteran looking for fresh inspiration or a long-haired beauty ready to take the plunge, get ready to discover the short hairstyles that will have you turning heads and feeling your absolute best in 2024. Our RUSH stylists are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you leave our salon with a short hairstyle that perfectly suits your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.

Get ready to embrace the power of short hair and join the ranks of countless celebrities and trendsetters who have already discovered the magic of these stunning styles. Trust us, once you go short, you may never go back.

Which Short Hairstyles are Trending this Year?

Trendy short hairstyles

2024 is all about embracing bold, confident, and low-maintenance short hairstyles that showcase your unique personality and style. This year, we’re seeing a resurgence of classic cuts with modern twists, as well as a celebration of natural textures and effortless styling. Here’s an overview of the top trends in short hairstyles for 2024:

Textured pixie cuts are a timeless choice, but this year, it’s all about adding texture and dimension. Choppy layers, tousled tops, and undercuts are popular variations that create a cool, edgy vibe.

Sleek, blunt bobs are having a moment in 2024. This precise, chin-length cut is perfect for those with straight hair and looks incredibly chic when paired with a centre part.

Soft, shaggy layers add movement and volume to short hair. This ’70s-inspired trend is perfect for those with fine hair, as it creates the illusion of fullness and texture.

In terms of colour trends, 2024 is all about natural-looking, low-maintenance hues. Balayage and ombré techniques are popular choices for short hair, as they create subtle dimension and depth without requiring frequent touch-ups. Face-framing highlights are also a great way to brighten up short styles and draw attention to your features.

When it comes to styling, the emphasis is on effortless, undone looks. Messy, tousled textures are achieved with sea salt sprays and texturizing creams, while sleek, polished styles are created with smoothing serums and flat irons. Accessories like hair clips, headbands, and scarves are also popular ways to elevate short hairstyles and add a touch of personal flair.

At RUSH, our skilled stylists are well-versed in the latest short hair trends and techniques. We’ll work with you to find the perfect short hairstyle that complements your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle, ensuring that you leave our salon with a look that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

20 Short Women Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Buzz Cut

This daring, ultra-short hairstyle involves cutting the hair evenly all over the head using clippers. Styling is a breeze with this cut – simply use a small amount of pomade or wax to define and texturise.

Pixie Crop

A classic short hairstyle, the pixie crop features short back and sides with slightly longer hair on top. Victoria Beckham and Michelle Williams have been known for their chic pixie crops. Style with a texturising cream or pomade for a tousled look.


This edgy hairstyle is characterised by shaved or closely cropped sides with a strip of longer hair running down the centre of the head. Use a strong-hold gel or hairspray to keep the mohawk standing tall and in place.

French Crop

Also known as a “short fringe,” this style features short, textured hair with a rounded fringe that skims the forehead. Style with a light styling cream or sea salt spray for a naturally tousled look.

Nape Length Pageboy Cut

This sleek, sophisticated style is cut bluntly at the nape of the neck with straight bangs or a side part. Agyness Deyn and Natalie Portman has worn this classic style. Use a smoothing serum and flat iron for a polished, shiny finish.

Le Petit Bob

This French-inspired style is a chin-length bob with bangs and a slightly rounded shape. Style with a round brush and volumising spray for a bouncy, flipped-under look.

Shaggy Bob

A messy, textured take on the classic bob, this style features choppy layers and a tousled finish. Use a texturising spray or salt spray to enhance the shaggy texture.

Bottleneck Bob

This modern bob is characterised by a rounded shape that is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front, resembling a bottleneck. Use a smoothing serum and flat iron for a polished finish.

French Bob

This chic, jaw-length bob is cut bluntly with or without bangs. Actress Léa Seydoux is known for her stylish French bob. Style with a centre part and tuck the hair behind the ears for a cool, effortless vibe.

Cropped Mullet

This edgy, modern take on the classic mullet features short, choppy layers on top and longer hair in the back. Miley Cyrus has rocked this bold, punk-inspired look. Use a texturising spray and your fingers to create a tousled, lived-in texture.

Curly Chop

This short, layered cut is perfect for those with naturally curly hair. Use a curl-defining cream and diffuser to enhance your natural texture.

Wolf Cut

This shaggy, layered hairstyle combines elements of the mullet and shag cuts for an edgy, rocker-inspired look. Use a texturising spray and your fingers to create a messy, undone texture.

Cub Cut

Similar to the wolf cut but with a softer, more balanced silhouette, the cub cut features shaggy layers and curtain bangs. Jenna Ortega recently debuted this cute, youthful style. Style with a round brush and volumising spray for a fluffy, voluminous finish.

Bowl Cut

This blunt, one-length style skims the eyebrows and ears for a minimalist, mod-inspired look. Use a smoothing cream and flat iron for a polished, graphic finish.

Blunt Bob

This classic, chin-length bob is cut straight across with no layers for a sharp, dramatic effect. Use a shine serum and flat iron for a sleek, glossy look.

Asymmetrical Pixie

This modern take on the pixie cut features longer bangs or a side-swept fringe with closely cropped sides and back. Rihanna has rocked this edgy, avant-garde style. Use a pomade or wax to define and texturise the longer pieces.

Textured Lob

The “long bob” or “lob” is a versatile, shoulder-length cut that can be styled sleek or textured. Zendaya’s choppy lob is a great example of this trendy style. Use a sea salt spray and texturizing cream for a beachy, tousled finish.

Finger Wave Bob

This vintage-inspired style features sculpted, S-shaped waves that are created using a special finger wave technique. Tyra Banks is known for this sleek, sophisticated look. Use a strong-hold gel and a fine-tooth comb to create the waves.

Pixie Mullet

This edgy, punk-inspired style combines a short, choppy pixie cut with longer pieces in the back and on top. Use a pomade or wax to create a textured finish.

Tapered Afro

This short, natural hairstyle features a rounded shape that is longer on top and tapered on the sides and back. Use a curl-defining cream and pick to shape and volumise your natural texture.

How to Maintain Short Hairstyles

Maintaining a short hairstyle requires a combination of regular salon visits, proper styling techniques, and the use of the right hair care products. While short hair can be low-maintenance compared to longer styles, it still requires upkeep to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips for maintaining your short hairstyle:

Regular Trims

Short hair requires more frequent trims than longer styles to maintain its shape and prevent it from looking grown out. Depending on your specific style and hair growth rate, you may need to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for a trim. This will help keep your short hairstyle looking fresh and polished.

Communicate with your Stylist

When visiting the salon for a trim or styling, it’s important to communicate clearly with your stylist about your desired look. Bring photos of your ideal style or discuss any changes you’d like to make to your current cut. Your stylist can offer advice on what will work best for your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle.

Use the Right Products

Using the right hair care products is key to maintaining the health and appearance of your short hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for your hair type (e.g., fine, thick, curly, etc.) to help keep your hair looking its best. Styling products like pomades, waxes, and texture sprays can help you achieve your desired look and keep your short style in place throughout the day.

Style with care

When styling your short hair, be gentle to avoid causing damage or breakage. Use a soft-bristled hair brush or wide-tooth comb to detangle, and avoid using heat styling tools on the highest settings. If you do use heat tools, be sure to apply a heat protectant spray first to minimise damage.

Protect your Hair

Like all hair types, short hair can be prone to damage from environmental factors like sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater. To protect your hair, wear a hat or scarf when spending time outdoors, and use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to keep your hair moisturised and healthy-looking.

Experiment with Accessories

Short hair can be versatile and fun to style with accessories like headbands, hair clips, and scarves. Experimenting with different accessories can help you switch up your look and add some personality to your short hairstyle.

Embrace your Natural Texture

If you have naturally curly, wavy, or textured hair, embracing your natural texture can make maintaining a short hairstyle easier. Use products designed for your hair type and experiment with different styling techniques like finger-coiling, scrunching, or twisting to enhance your natural texture.

By following these tips and working closely with your stylist, you can keep your short hairstyle looking great and feeling manageable. Remember, the key to maintaining short hair is regular upkeep and using the right products and techniques for your specific hair type and style.

The Benefits of Going Short

Hairdresser cutting a bob

While short hairstyles may seem like a bold choice, there are many benefits to going short that make it a popular option for people of all ages and hair types. Here are some of the top reasons to consider a short hairstyle:

  • Reduced styling times: One of the biggest advantages of short hair is that it typically requires less time to style than longer hair. With less hair to wash, dry, and style, you can save precious minutes in your daily routine. This can be especially appealing for those with busy lifestyles or who prefer a low-maintenance look.
  • Fresh, youthful look: Short hairstyles can give you a fresh, youthful appearance that can boost your confidence and help you feel more put-together. A well-cut short style can highlight your best features and draw attention to your face.
  • Suitable for various hair types: Short hairstyles can work well for a variety of hair types, from fine and thin to thick and curly. A skilled stylist can help you find a short cut that complements your hair texture and density, making it easier to manage and style on a daily basis.
  • Flattering for different face shapes: Short hairstyles can be tailored to flatter different face shapes, from round and oval to square and heart-shaped. A short cut with the right length, layering, and angles can help balance your features and create a harmonious overall look.
  • Versatility: While short hair may seem limiting, there are actually many ways to style and customise a short cut. With the right products and techniques, you can create a range of looks, from sleek and polished to tousled and textured. You can also experiment with different partings, accessories, and even colour to switch up your look.
  • Healthy hair: Cutting your hair short can help remove damaged or split ends, leaving you with healthier, more manageable hair. Short styles also require less heat styling and fewer products, which can help reduce damage and breakage over time.

Of course, the decision to go short is a personal one that depends on your individual style, preferences, and lifestyle. If you’re considering a short hairstyle, it’s a good idea to consult with our trusted stylists who can help you find a cut that works best for you. With the right short hairstyle, you can enjoy all the benefits of going short while still feeling like your best self.

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