How To Find Out Which Hairstyles Suit Your Face Shape

Sometimes, you get a cut that just isn’t what you hoped it’d be; it’s been skilfully executed, but there’s something ‘off’ about it that you can’t quite put your finger on. If this is the case, it’s likely that the haircut simply isn’t best suited to your face shape. Whilst it can be deflating when […]

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Sometimes, you get a cut that just isn’t what you hoped it’d be; it’s been skilfully executed, but there’s something ‘off’ about it that you can’t quite put your finger on. If this is the case, it’s likely that the haircut simply isn’t best suited to your face shape. Whilst it can be deflating when you experiment with a new look, only to find that it isn’t as Instagrammable as you expected, there are still endless styling options to flatter any face shape; decipher yours and discover the best cuts for you with our handy guide.


Best hairstyles for oval faces

Oval faces are defined as having a forehead that’s slightly wider than the chin; the length of the face is about 1 ½ times the width and the jawline is rounded. Celebrities with oval faces include Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Rihanna.

The good news for oval-faced folks is that it’s considered to be the most versatile shape to suit most cuts, whether super short or very long. As such, you can afford to be creative when it comes to your hairstyle; make like Rihanna and mix up your look whenever you fancy a change.

Oval faces are able to pull off bold hairstyles, and the classic pixie cut is a great option for those with short hair – especially if it’s straight. Feel free to experiment with fringes; a softer, side-sweeping fringe with more length at the front will frame your face and highlight your features. Shorter, choppier fringes have a gamine-like appeal that’s ultra-modern and effortlessly cool. If you don’t want to take the plunge with something too short, an angled (or A-line) bob is another great option for those with oval faces.

Mid to long hair doesn’t look it’s best when sitting flat against an oval face, as this can have an elongating effect. Instead, those with oval faces should add movement with waves, or choose a layered style that frames the face; layers that start around the chin are particularly flattering. Add volume and fluidity to shoulder-length cuts with a flicked, glossy style.

Though versatile, it’s still important to consider the texture and thickness of your hair when it comes to deciding on a cut. Those with fine hair should avoid getting short layers, for example, since it’ll only make hair appear thinner. Conversely, thicker hair that’s naturally more textured can handle choppy layers.

Best hairstyles for long faces

If your face is narrow and not very angular, and its length is longer than its width, you’ve probably got a long face shape. Actresses Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as model/designer Alexa Chung all have long faces – and gorgeous hairstyles to match.

Fringes conceal the hairline to make long faces appear shorter, widening the face in the middle so that it looks more rounded. When it comes to fringes, you need to consider proportions; it’s thought that fringes are most flattering when they take up one third of the face length. Blunt or arched fringes are ideal for long faces, and have a modern aesthetic that’s perfect for updating your hairstyle with little effort. Bardot fringes (à la Alexa) are an equally flattering option; keep things carefree with loose, bohemian waves and part your hair in the centre to get the most out of this look.

If you’ve got a long face shape, avoid adding any more height or volume to the top of the head, as this will only lengthen it further. Generally speaking, scraped-back styles don’t do a lot for long faces either, which is why fringes work so well.

If you’re not a fan of fringes, maintain body and texture on either side to balance out the length of your face. Layers or curls (or both!) will do this without everything looking a bit OTT; a layered cut will especially suit those with mid-length hair.

Naturally curly-haired SJP shows us just what embracing her hair’s natural texture can do; even when it’s grown out a little, she keeps it looking full around the face with loose waves.

Best hairstyles for round faces

Round faces are widest at the cheeks, with a width and length that’s almost the same; the jawline is soft and (unsurprisingly), more round. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin, singer Selena Gomez and model Miranda Kerr are famously round-faced.

If you’ve got a round face and have always staved off of wearing your hair short, for fear that it would only foreground the shape, you’ll be delighted to hear that cropped styles are just as workable for you; take a look at Ginnifer Goodwin’s striking pixie cut for some short-haired inspiration. The choppy texture is sleek and modern, whilst the cut works to flatter her face; her fringe (cut above the eye area), is elongating rather than widening.

Another style that’s made for rounder faces is the long bob, or the ‘lob’ as it’s come to be known. The longer length elongates the face; whether it’s worn wavy or poker straight, lobs are great for giving mid-length hair a modern update. Make yours even more dynamic by finishing with a balayage or ombre colour.

Round faces are also able to pull off longer hairstyles, though you should maintain volume around the crown to add height at the top of your head. Middle partings and long, soft layers make round faces appear more narrow. Loose waves are especially flattering; wear your hair to one side, either fastened in a low ponytail or simply swept over your shoulder with a side parting.

Finally, you should always go for soft, side-sweeping fringes; a blunt fringe will only accentuate the width of your face, whilst the diagonal lines associated with sweeping fringes help to lengthen round faces.

Best hairstyles for square faces

Defined by a strong jawline and square chin, square faces are usually characterised by the fact that the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width. A-listers with square faces include Demi Moore, Olivia Wilde and Nicole Richie.

Short hairstyles are perfect for showcasing the chiselled cheekbones that those who have square faces are usually blessed with, though super short crops run the risk of looking too severe. If you’ve got a square face and short hair, opt for a style that falls at the chin; an angled bob is preferable, since mono-length bobs can also look too harsh when set against a square jawline. A softer hairstyle will always counterbalance the sharpness that’s associated with square face shapes; blunt cuts – especially those accompanied by a sharp fringe, can look too harsh.

Fringes should be choppy or side-sweeping; Nicole Richie’s bardot bangs beautifully soften her face by concealing the sides of her forehead, to create a more rounded appearance.

Soft bardot fringes work especially well with long, wavy hair, and keep boho-chic styles fresh and modern; long layers cut around square faces will also help to soften angular features.

Best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads and cheekbones, narrowing into a more defined jawline and a smaller chin. Actresses Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scarlett Johansson all have classic heart-shaped faces.

Create the illusion of a softer and slightly fuller jawline with a hairstyle that’s got more body close to the bottom half of the face. Long-haired ladies can do this by wearing their hair with waves or soft curls; cutting in some longer layers too will elongate the face.

Balance out a wider forehead with a side-sweeping fringe. Actress Reese Witherspoon is rarely seen without hers, and she’s a prime example of how flattering they can be; paired with a super-sleek lob, her look is fresh, clean and ultra-chic.

Best hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, it’s likely that you’ll have a narrower forehead (diamond-shaped faces have the narrowest hairlines of them all), as well as a narrow chin. You’ll find the widest part of your face at the cheekbones, and the face is probably a little longer than it is wide. Celebrities with diamond-shaped faces include actresses Ashley Greene and Halle Berry, as well as model Tyra Banks.

Like oval faces, diamond-shaped faces are known to have the versatility to suit both very short and very long hairstyles, as well as mid-length cuts; really, you just need to make sure that the hairstyle doesn’t close off the face by making the top half appear smaller.

Since diamond-shaped faces tend to have smaller foreheads, heavy fringes tend not to work. If you’re thinking about getting bangs cut in, opt for soft, choppier styles that aren’t so heavy. A longer, side-sweeping fringe works best for diamond-shaped faces, since the diagonal lines bring out the cheekbones and help to create a more oval-shaped appearance.

Anything that opens up the face is the most flattering option for those with diamond-shaped faces. What’s more, it’ll highlight your cheekbones and accentuate your eyes; wear long hair off the face in a pulled-back style, or brave a shorter cut. An angled pixie cut will flatter your face and showcase the defined yet delicate features that most diamond-shaped faces exhibit. Halle Berry’s iconic pixie cut perfectly demonstrates this.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a cropped cut, go for a medium-length style that’s softly layered; a layered lob is an on-trend option that’s particularly flattering on diamond-shaped faces.


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