The Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin

Spring is sweeping into the air and Summer is just around the corner – meaning cold beers and fruity cocktails will soon be on the agenda! However, have you thought about the effects of alcohol on your skin and hair?! Sadly there’s a reason we sometimes feel (and look!) a little worse for wear after a stretch of boozy nights… We’ve got you covered with our short guide to looking after your body during the season of sun, long nights and daytime drinking!

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Skin?

Our first important step, is to understand the effects that our G&Ts are having on our skin…

Unfortunately, experts agree that drinking is actually one of the worst things we do to our skin – there aren’t many beauty benefits to booze! Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it’s incredibly dehydrating and one of the main causes for our hangovers! However, it also leaves our skin feeling dehydrated and dry, making our fine lines and wrinkles appear more visible.

To help your skin rehydrate and remain healthy over the summer months, we recommend visiting one of our Rush Beauty salons for a revitalizing Elemis Facial. Our Superfood Pro Radiance Facial is recommended for stressed skin. It works to restore vital moisture and nutrient levels, leaving your skin vibrant and smooth!

Whilst alcohol can leave our skin feeling dehydrated, it can also be an indirect cause of breakouts or acne. What you eat and drink is usually evidenced in your skin. Our Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing: Regeneration Skin Facial is fantastic for cell regeneration, reducing acne scarring and offers a deep cleansing treatment.

Sleep is essential if you want to get a glowing complexion, but unsurprisingly, alcohol isn’t the best set-up for a good night’s sleep! Waking up with fatigue, red eyes and dull or sallow skin isn’t ideal! We recommend a day of rest as you unwind with a relaxing body massage. You can sit back and feel your tensions melt away as our beauty therapists perform a head, back or full body massage.

woman with face mask a guide to facials

What Does Alcohol Do to Your Hair?

 So, it turns out that our favourite cocktails can spell disaster for the skin. But alcohol can wreak havoc on our hair too. Just like your skin, your hair needs hydration to keep it healthy. In the same way that booze leaves your skin feeling dehydrated, excessive alcohol consumption can dry out your hair, making it dull and brittle.

To restore and transform your hair, experience the Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment at your nearest salon. Our stylists will mix a unique cocktail especially for your hair’s behaviour and requirements to revitalise your tresses.

How Can I Limit the Effects of Alcohol on My Skin & Hair?

Bar staving off alcohol altogether (a drastic course of action!), the obvious solution is to drink more water and finally, try to keep on top of your skin and hair routines! Follow big nights out with hydrating hair mask & facial treatments and book yourself a professional appointment.

Ultimately love and care for the skin you’re in!


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