Eight Questions You Want Answered About Balayage

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Balayage… a word we often hear being thrown around the salon. But what exactly is it?

We spoke to our expert in colour, hair creative team educator Craig Teeder to give you all the details on this game changing colouring technique – don’t forget, at Rush we offer up to 50% off colour ever Tuesday – find out more.

Read what the pro has to say:

What does balayage mean?


Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ it’s a technique used to create a more natural, sun-kissed colour result. Using a free-hand technique ribbons of colour are painted (or swept) through sections of the hair, starting softer closer to the root and stronger though the lengths and ends.

Are balayage and ombre the same?


Technically no, but people tend to mix the two!

Where a balayage is a partial technique, creating a softer sun-kissed result, an ombré technique involves gradually lightening the hair from root to tip globally, creating a seamless blend from darker root to lighter ends.


Can balayage damage your hair?

As with any chemical service, if you push the limits of your hair, it will become over-processed and damaged. In order to keep your hair in the best condition we recommend having a thorough consultation with your colour artist. They will be able to advise you on what treatments, services and products you will need to use to keep your hair healthy and strong!

How much does a balayage cost?

Balayage is a very personalised technique, the application will depend on various factors including hair density, haircut, and desired result. Rush prices start from £96 but for an extra cost there are many add on services such as regrowth colour, toner and L’Oreal Smartbond that can aid in the hairs health and condition. Your colour artist will be able to give you a full cost breakdown after your consultation.

Can balayage cover grey hair?

Because of how the colour is applied, balayage will only blend a small amount of scattered grey. If you would like to try balayage while also covering your grey hair, we recommend you opt for a regrowth colour service as well.

Will balayage lighten in sun?

Any hair colour will gradually lighten but not only in the sun! Shampoo, heat styling and even the wind all play a part in colour fade. Your colour artist will advise you on how to keep your colour looking fresh and shiny, this may involve coming back for top-up toners, or changing your hair are/styling routine.

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How long will balayage last?

As balayage is a lightening technique we typically use either a permanent colour or pre-lightener. This means the colour will grow out as your hair does. If a pre-lightener is used, a toner may be applied to achieve the desired result, toners tend to last between 4-6 weeks (sometimes less if your hair is particularly damaged or you’re looking for a vibrant result). So, you may need to come back and top-up the toner in between visits.

Can balayage be done in one sitting?

It all depends on your current colour and desired result, As balayage creates a softer, more natural result, it can typically be done in one sitting. But if you are looking to go much lighter, or have previous colour in your hair this may slowdown the lightening process. Your colour artists will create your own personalised hair journey and guide you thought every step towards the hair of your dreams!


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