An Evening With Tina Farey

Founding member of the Rush creative team, Tina Farey strikes a admirable pose for the company as Editorial Director and Art team member. With a signature style of creating strong, bold colour and edgy finished looks, it’s her vision that’s cited as inspiration for Rush’s Session Team development.

Tina was awarded London Hairdresser of the Year for 2019 for her contribution to the hairdressing industry and on the 11th November, Tina was celebrated by the Fellowship for British Hairdressing at the Rush Academy. The fellowship and Rush collaborated to create an intimate and inspiring evening of hair, interviews and anecdotes dedicated to her brilliance, success and artistry.

The evening began with introduction from Simon Shaw from the Fellowship, commending Tina’s achievements and discussing how she has risen to her hairdressing fame. Tina then took the stage to begin to display the looks she had created for the evening.


The first style of the evening was a elevated look that incorporated her excellent utilisation of padding and braiding. She demonstrated how she creates her own padding out of corse faux hair which enables her to mould the shape of her desired style.


With this look she revealed her useful tip of using masking tape to add extensions to a ponytail. She started with curved sections in which she french braided at the back of the model’s hair. She wrapped the ponytail with tape then attached hair weaves to it which created the illusion of a long ponytail. Tina drew inspiration from the rising trend in hair accessories, she embellished the look with jewellery that she attached to the braid at the back of the head.


For her third hairstyle, Tina created a double fishtail braid which linked the hair between each braid resembling a cage effect. Tina demonstrated how you can create height and volume with your braids. Setting the hair in the opposite direction that you want it to go, similar to when you create a root lift, results in braids with height.

Paint on Hardware

Tina showcased her concept paint-on hardware at the evening event which she debuted at Rush Live 2019. She explained in-depth her creative thought process behind the idea and described the collaboration with artist Matt Small for the Rush campaign that inspired the looks. Similar to his pieces, she used acrylic paint splashed onto wigs to create this Avant Garde look. The hardware aspect of this look were the metal fixtures she attached directly to the wigs which created the illusion of heavy duty accessories. She displayed two of the looks for this concept, demonstrating how she attached her metal hardware and how she used the wigs to frame her models face.


Paying homage to the star in the Fellowship logo, and to Andy Heasman’s collection ‘Point Constellation’, Tina showcased her textured, curled and teased look in which she incorporated stars attached to individual extensions. This immense and imaginative look closed Tina’s looks for the evening.

Tina spent the evening reminiscing on her start in the hairdressing industry, describing where it all began for her. She looked back on the times her hairdressing Uncle would inspire her by creating hair styles on her. She explained how, growing up, she always found she was drawn to creative subjects so wanted pursue a career in something hands on.

She touched upon how she comes up with the creatives for her photoshoots and concepts. The formula for her creative accomplishments is “to go with your gut”,try to stick with the first idea that comes to mind so it doesn’t overcomplicate your plans!

This amazing event was a great insight in to the mind of Tina Farey. It educated and inspired fellow creatives and was a great evening to celebrate all of her successes!

A massive thank you to the Fellowship for British hairdressing and their decision to make Tina Farey Hairdresser of the year!

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