Why is Your Hair Falling Out?

Seeing a lot more hair in your brush? Noticing your plug getting more blocked? Are clumps of hair running down your back as you rinse your shampoo?

It may be unsettling to look at your brush and see enough hair to make a wig, but some extra shedding is natural. In terms of excessive daily hair shedding, this usually resolves itself without treatment. However, if it continues for longer than three months or you are concerned, see your doctor.

There is most likely an underlying factor that needs to be addressed. The normal daily hair loss is anywhere between 25-100 strands a day so if you’re losing more than 100 hairs a day you should take action.

Hair thinning or shedding can be attributed to many external or internal factors. Actions can be taken to stop or limit the speed in which your hair is falling out. We’ve identified a few factors that could be causing you to lose your locks.

The best way to attempt to solve the problem, is to identify the cause.

Vitamin Deficiency:

Iron deficiency can be the source to your hair thickness woes. Iron is essential in the production of hair cell proteins. If you are lacking Iron your body channels oxygen to support vital functions as opposed to ones like keeping your hair intact.

Lack of Vitamin B12- This vitamins vital role in cell division, red blood cell production, and metabolism means B12 deficiency impacts hair quality. The vitamin is required to produce new hair cells and promote hair growth.

Hormonal Impacts on your tresses:

A hormone imbalance can lead to many annoying health and beauty issues throughout the whole body which of course, includes your hair. This puts those with conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at greater risk of hair loss.

Having an over or under-active thyroid is another leading cause of hair loss, as the thyroid gland helps to regulate the body’s metabolism by controlling the production of proteins and tissue use of oxygen, therefore affecting both hair shaft and follicle growth. Also, hypothyroidism can be

Stress impacting your strands:

It’s no myth that excess stress can literally make your hair fall out. How does this happen? Well, it can raise androgen (male hormone) levels, which in turn can causes hair loss. “Stress may also trigger scalp problems, such as dandruff, disrupt eating habits and mess with the digestive system – all of which can have a negative impact on hair”

Weight loss = hair loss?

Sudden or dramatic weight loss can have some undesirable side effects. Whether you intentionally lost the pounds or it was unexpected hair loss is common in relation to change in weight.

Hot styling tools

Whether it’s a straightener, blow-dryer, or curler, your hot tool is probably too hot! You need to limit the amount you are using heat on your hair. However if you can’t bare to lose your perfect curls or straight strands make sure that you hydrating your hair and using heat protectant.


Unfortunately, the ageing process also has a profound and natural effect on your hair. As we get older, our hair gradually gets finer; it’s totally normal and nothing can really be done about it. Of course, you need look no further than our guide on how to look after mature hair if you want some tips for making the best of things
Hair loss image

Here is what you can do to help your hair:

Book a doctors appointment

If you are concerned the cause of your hair loss is hormonal or health related, head to your GP! Having a check up and blood test is always a good idea but it could be related to other health and medical issues that need to be identified.

Switch up your diet

Adopting a healthier lifestyle could help it to grow back or slow the process of hair loss. Eating more protein and healthy carbohydrates works wonders on relieving the symptoms of hair loss. That being said, if you are losing your hair because of something other than diet – like stress or illness – changing what you eat will not stop the issue.

Take Supplements!

Supplementation can be very helpful in boosting levels of vitamins and minerals available to your follicles. Just remember to take them alongside a healthy, balanced diet. Look out for products containing the following ingredients: Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Copper and Zinc.

Smart Styling

Yes, that sleek bun may look cute, but it could be putting unnecessary stress on your strands. Avoid styles that put too much strain on the hair and follicles. Anything tight or taut will take a toll on your tresses. This also includes heavy styling creams and serums – which can add unnecessary weight.

Don’t Stress

Hair loss can leave you feeling upset and stressed, but it’s incredibly important to realise how common hair loss is – in both men and women. Losing hair nothing to be ashamed about, nothing to hide, nothing to feel alone over. And with some patience and simple lifestyle adjustments you’re sure to see improvement across in no time!

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