Your lockdown hair questions, answered!

Like us, you’re probably missing having your hair done, its an experience that makes you feel good, both inside and out. Let’s face it, lockdown just isn’t cutting it when we desperately need our trusty stylist to freshen up our locks. So in this new world of social distancing, we wanted to bring together our wonderful hair community and answer some valuable questions to keep you looking and feeling simply fabulous until we reopen our salons doors. 

1. Should I wash my hair every day?  

We’d suggest washing your hair every three days, although we know that can be difficult for the keep fitters out there. Washing your hair less, helps to preserve the scalps natural oils, so rather than washing, you could try a dry shampoo to soak up some of the grease and leave you with cleaner, fresher hair. 

2. How should I wear my hair when I am going to sleep?  

This is really down to personal preference and what you find most comfortable. If you are someone who tends to sleep with your hair in a braid or bun, we’d advise to keep these relatively loose, as having them tight can cause breakage. Tight hairstyles can stretch or break the hair away from the root, so we’d also opt for a spiral hair toggle over an elastic band. For a little bit of an added luxury, treat yourself to a silk pillow case, this really is a must have and they are great to prevent breakage as well as being soft on skin. 

3. My fringe is in desperate need of a trim, how should I style it while I can’t see my stylist?  

Over grown fringes are a nightmare for us all, especially when you can’t pop in to your local Rush salon for a trim. The best way to style your fringe during this challenging time is in Dutch Braids, using plenty of hairspray, as this will avoid any hairs coming loose. We know it could be very tempting to reach for your kitchen scissors and give yourself a trim, but we must stress, this is simply not the solution. Let it grow and let hairspray and grips do the talking. 

4. My roots are starting to come through, what should I do to help cover them?  

For those with Blonde hair, dry shampoo will quickly become your best friend, especially if your natural hair is darker coming through at your roots. If you are trying to cover white hair, Colour WOW is one of our personal favourites, it comes in an array of colours and is fab for instant coverage as well as being super easy to use. If you haven’t heard of Colour WOW, it’s not a hair dye, its actually make up for hair, who would of thought. It stays in place until your next shampoo and is a reflective mineral powder that gives a seamless natural look. 

If you are thinking about home dying your hair, we would strongly advise against this. High street box dyes, are produced with the masses in mind and when it comes to hair dying, it’s not a case of one products suits all. These sort of products don’t take into account your personal variables and can you leave you worse off. We understand the wait for our salons to reopen can be far from ideal, but we promise you won’t regret it.  

5. How can I stop my colour from fading?  

To slow down your colour fading, avoid washing your hair every day. Not something you’ll all want to hear, but the more you wash your hair, the quicker your colour will fade. Whilst washing your hair, use cool water instead of hot water as hot water can remove essential oils and moisture from your hair. For those who want to take extra measures, we’d recommend investing in one of our must have homecare ranges, Kerastase Reflection. Reflection shampoo and conditioner work together to guarantee your colour will last 40% longer than with a normal high street shampoo. 

6. I’ve got a lot of baby hair coming through, how do I tame these?  

We have a love hate relationship with baby hair. Whilst we get excited seeing new hair growing through, who wants little strays when aiming for that perfectly polished look. To tame your fly always, use some hairspray to spray these down and then gently combe any loose hairs in the correct direction until the hairspray sets. 

7. I have a lot of split ends, how should I be caring for them? 

Whilst being on lock down, the prevention of heated styling tools will do your hair and most importantly your split ends favours. It’s important you take good care of your hair when brushing, don’t be too rough, gently glide your brush through. If you wanted to step it up a notch, comb your conditioner through when washing. This will help smooth the cuticle and prevent further splits appearing. 

8. How can I freshen up my hair after a workout without washing? 

Before you begin your work out, use some dry shampoo as this will work just as hard as you are and soak up oil as you sweat. Once you have finished your work out, blast your roots with a hairdryer, as this will give your hair volume and remove any remaining grease or sweat. 

9. What’s a quick and easy hairstyle I can do in the morning to make myself feel presentable?

A Ponytail is most defiantly our go to style. It’s quick, easy to do and looks super stylish too. Want to add a little something to your ponytail to get a snazzy finish? We’d opt for either a trendy scrunchie or a few metallic beaded grips.

10. My hair feels dull and lifeless, what can I do to get back a shine and volume?  

It’s likely there is a build-up of product that needs to be removed. Treat yourself to a deep cleanse of the scalp and hair using Kerastase’s Fusio-Scrub. Fusio-Scrub was designed to detoxify and revitalise the scalp, leaving it free from deep impurities. 

We hope this Q&A will keep you on the right track to prolonging your hair and style whilst our salons are closed. If you do have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Pop these over to one of our social media channels and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!