Halloween Hair Inspiration

Halloween hair – it’s to die for. (OK, OK, sorry – we really wanted to make that joke. We’ll stop now.)

Anyway, whether or not you’ve got a plan for All Hallows’ Eve, you’re gonna need some spooktacular (sorry) style for that barnet. Don’t worry – we’ve got just the ticket to turn your hair from gorgeous to ghoulish in no time.

Backcombed Tresses

Besides the initial, “OMG, what am I doing to my hair?” moment when you begin the teasing process, what is so scary about backcombed hair?

Who knows, but it’s graced more than its fair share of horror movie villain’s heads and seems to be a staple of every Tim Burton film, which is good enough for us. Even better – it’s such an easy Halloween flourish.

Add generous lashings of hair spray for the Bride of Frankenstein vibe:


Or simply accessorise with feathers and a black dress for instant magic:


If you’re feeling extra spooky, invest in some plastic spiders to transform yourself into a walking cobweb.

In fact, if you’re feeling extra extra spooky, swap in the falsies for real ones. Eurgh. That may be a commitment to Halloween we respect but just can’t relate to.



Looking for a last minute deadly ‘do? Bizarrely enough, pigtails have got you covered.

If you’ve got dark hair and a black dress, some sleek, braided bunches are ideal to give you that creepy-kid Wednesday Addams look, but if you’re looking to work Halloween with a less frightening vibe this year, then they can also work for cowboys & Indians-themed costumes.

Sleek Hair

Sorry, blondes – at Halloween, brunettes have more fun.

Not only is sleek, dark hair perfect for any breed of vampire you fancy moonlighting as…


…But it also makes for perfect Cleopatra-quality hair. Make like Heidi Klum and get going.


Use strong-hold serum sparingly to give immortal shine and resign flyaways to the afterlife.

Alternatively, rough up your dark locks and brush them in front of your face for that The Ring vibe.

Ghostly Locks

Just kidding blondes – we’ve not forgotten you. Let’s never fight again.

In the meantime, get your ghost on. Long, blonde, wet-look locks aren’t just dead trendy, they’re also dead scary. Get your hands on an uber-light foundation or face primer, dust generously and coat your lips in light concealer.

Go wild with dark eye shadow and apply heavy lashings of hair gel to your locks in order to smooth your hair backwards. Once you’re done, dress in your favourite cool-toned clothes and voilà – a Halloween costume that makes you look chic, style-educated and just a bit creepy:


Are you doing anything for Halloween? Will you be trying out any of these looks?

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