Easilocks Hair Extensions Follow-up Review by Collyer Twins

Following fabulous reviews on Easilocks extensions at Rush from popular blogger duo, the Collyer Twins, earlier this year, we were eager to see how the sisters felt about the life of their extensions and having them refreshed at Rush Centrale salon.

Check out their review after as they have a second Easilocks service:

“After my trip to Rush to have my Easilocks extensions applied in for the first time in March, I had instantly fallen in love! I had always longed for long, voluminous wavy locks which is unfortunately far from my natural, thin and damaged hair. So naturally, after 3 months of having my extensions (this is normally the recommended time to keep your Easilocks extensions in) I was adamant I wanted to get them re-done and maintain my new longer, thicker look!

I booked another appointment at Rush, with Katie, who had applied mine last time. She was so friendly and really listened and understood the look that I was going for. None of this ‘fake, bottom heavy’ look but as natural looking as possible.Since receiving compliments every day about how my hair looked amazing and SO natural, I knew Katie had done a great job and I was excited to get go back and get them re-applied!

As I walked in, I was again greeted by all the friendly staff and made very welcome as I was attended too with biscuits and coffees straight away! My remaining extensions were quite knotted and I was slightly hesitant that it would be an absolute hassle to get them out. However they were removed within half an hour, really gently and no pain at all! My new extensions were then re-applied within a couple of hours, really smoothly and hassle free and having a good old chin wag with Katie, those two hours flew by in a blink of an eye and before I knew it, my new, long, shiny locks were back!

The great thing with Easilocks is that you can also dye the hair, I got a few of mine highlighted. Just make sure you get your hairdresser to colour them, as it can be quite risky doing it from a packet hair dye! Anyway, I’m super happy with my look again and although I’ve just had them done, I already can’t wait to get back to Rush to transform my look once again!”

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