Collyer Twins review Easilocks extensions

A few weekends ago we went down to our local Rush hair salon looking to get a bit of a hair makeover!

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It had been ages since we had done anything too radical or different to our hair so when we heard about the Easilocks extensions, we didn’t think twice…after all who wouldn’t want long, voluminous locks? Especially as the pair of us have extremely fine hair that breaks very easily. To be honest, we hadn’t exactly had the best of experiences with extensions in the past so we were quite apprehensive as to how these would look and feel…

As we arrived we were greeted by Katie, a very friendly and bubbly character who welcomed us and sat us down to talk us through all things Easilocks; the do’s the dont’s, the process, duration etc. The first thing we noticed as Katie started applying the hair extensions was the quality of the hair, not the fake plastic look but all 100% real human hair of very high quality. It took a little less than 2 hours to apply a full head of hair extensions for each of us, throughout which we were topped up with drinks and snacks the whole way through. A 5 star service. 

We were slightly hesitant about the weight of the extensions as there’s nothing worse than having a whole load of hair tugging you down, however Katie made sure she didn’t put too many in to ensure we maintained a very natural look and to avoid a weighted down feeling. The extensions are distributed across the whole head, so not only do they feel quite light but it also means that they’re hidden from view, so styling your hair and wearing it up is not a problem at all– score!

We left the salon feeling amazing and couldn’t stop touching our new, long locks. Not only did these extensions feel good and look good but because they’re applied with no heat or glue, they are also less damaging. We literally love our new healthy, long hair and with no doubt will be back to Rush in a flash to get them re done and receive the same excellent and friendly service that we did!

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