Rush Hair and Beauty Guide to Festival Chic

As festival fever hits the radio waves and long flowing locks are in trend, what better way to stand out from the crowd then with striking braid tails and fish plaits to start your festival season. We reached out to James Oxley from our Workshop Team to bring you Festival Chic looks.

See our guide on how to create these looks!
With the joy of hair washing a distance memory as you dance away in the sun, ensure you have a good dry shampoo to hand. To keep your hair looking fresh, spray your dry shampoo along each section at the roots of the hair and add in a gentle back comb to increase the volume.

If you’re on day two of a festival, add extra dry shampoo and then pull hair into a top knot style, this looks great with a chunky necklace and long thin earrings.
We recommend the Rush Salon Dry Shampoo available on our online store and at Marks & Spencer stores nation wide.

Don’t forget a pack of wipes to keep your skin looking fresh and try the Elemis Tan Accelerator  to ensure continued radiance and hydration, especially in warm weather.

Hair sprayed with Rush Salon Dry Shampoo and face looking fresh, attention needs to turn to your eyebrows, ensure these frame your face with a brow shape before booking those festival tickets and keep them maintained with Billion Dollar Brow pencil and highlighter, available from £17– don’t forget to pack these in your make up bag.

For more braid inspiration, check out our video on ‘How to create a festival braid’ plus visit us at our fabulous braid bar at the Emerald Street Brunch Saturday 18th July!

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