How to get the shiny hair you deserve!

We all have different hair goals, mainly because we all have different hair. But the desire for perfectly shiny hair transcends hair types, textures and styles. Who doesn’t want gloriously glossy locks? The fight against dull, dry hair is real.

To some extent, the eternal desirability of stunningly shiny hair is surely linked to the fact that shiny hair tends to radiate good health. And it’s true – if you want glossy, good looking locks you’re going to have to give your follicles the VIP spar treatment they deserve. Shiny hair is healthy hair, so caring for your locks should be an essential part of your daily beauty regime.

Consider leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner and hair masks are designed to nurture your hair by locking in moisture. A good leave-in conditioner can achieve all sorts of desirable results – strengthening, smoothing hydrating and detangling your lucky locks with the minimum of effort.

Tone up your tresses

Toner is often described as a topcoat for your hair. In fact, a ‘toner’ can come in a multitude of forms, including glosses, shampoos and conditioner. The common factor is that toners are all essentially semi-permanent colouring products that can be used to enhance the natural tone of your hair and create a more professional finish. Toning can also help to add extra shine and body to your hair. Acid-based toners (glosses) are particularly effective if you’re looking to add shine.

Toning can be a complex process so you might want to discuss it with your stylist before attempting it at home.

Enrich your scalp with vitamin E

OK, this tip may. Sound a little unhinged but trust us, top stylists recommend it! Pick up some vitamin E capsules next time you’re in the supermarket, snip about a dozen of them open and empty the contents into a bowl. Finally, massage this vitamin E enriched substance into your scalp prior to your next hair wash. Vitamin E is known to make your hair stronger and shiner so this topical application makes sense. 

Use heat protection

Excessive heat is the enemy of healthy hair, a fact that can complicate the pursuit of shiny locks, especially if you often find yourself reaching for the straighteners. Applying some heat protection product before you blow dry and straighten might seem like an annoying extra process, but it really is worth the effort. The best heat protection products create a protective barrier between the fragile keratin proteins that make up your hair and the searing heat of heat styling tools, while also adding extra gloss and shine.

Brush regularly with natural bristles

Regular brushing helps to distribute natural oils throughout your hair, which should leave it looking healthier and glossier. But make sure you’re using a natural bristle brush rather than nylon bristles that can do more damage than good. Hairstylists usually recommend boar bristle brushes.