The Right Facial For Your Skin Type

Facials at Rush Beauty
There is a wide range of treatments available whatever your skin type is
We all look forward to some pampering time with a good facial to refresh and revive our skin to its natural and best condition.

Whether you’re looking for an anti-ageing treatment or simply looking for a good exfoliation to deep cleanse your skin, it is important to find the right facial treatments for your skin needs.

Discover the right facial for you as we break down the various available treatments at our beauty salons. Once you’ve determined what facial is most suitable for you, book your appointment as part of the Express Spa service to also enjoy a brow shaping and file and polish..

Guinot Hydradermie Facial

This is a bespoke treatment that rehydrates, regenerates and deep cleanses the skin using galvanic and high frequency. Skin is left noticeably hydrated with a glorious glow. For an anti ageing facial, there is also Guinot Hydradermie Age Logic Facial which rejuvenates the skin and combats any sign of ageing. This is best suited for mature skin types looking for a youthful glow.

Elemis Skin Specific Facial

For skin that is in need of hydration and a good moisture boost there is the Elemis Skin Specific treatment. Leaving you with a radiant glow, it targets the skin’s specific needs including rebalancing skin complexion or simply renewing the skin’s radiance.

Elemis Modern Skin Facial

With the effects of pollution and modern living it’s no wonder the skin is left looking tired and dull. Revive your skin and enjoy a luminous glow with this facial which purifies and removes any toxins from the environment to leave you with a deeply cleansed and renewed skin.

Guinot Beaute Neuve

For dull looking skin that is in need of brightening up there is Guinot Beaute Neuve which removes dead skin cells that are the cause of dull complexions. This treatment also reduces the appearance of brown spots and pigmentation leaving your skin looking rejuvenated as ever.

Once your facial is finished, extend your salon experience with a range of skin care to ensure you maintain the treatment’s effects.

Fancy treating yourself to a pampering session? Book yourself a facial or an Express Spa and relax and unwind while we treat you.

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