Man to Man: You’re ‘beardyful’ so express it!

I have for a long time viewed it as my male prerogative to grow a beard at will, I see it as one of the ultimate expressions of individuality. The great hairy (and in my case slightly ginger) mass sprouts across my mug at an alarming rate!

Now, I have had mixed reactions about my hirsute face, some are fascinated and demand to touch it, others are truly repelled, I am undeterred by these women, I suspect they are just jealous at their inability to join me in my lumberjack like vision, and I’ve even had expressions of this attitude upon pressing the issue a little.

I have recently begun to regrow my beard in readiness for summer (odd though it seems), so I thought it might be cool to have a look at the beard care options for today’s modern (lumberjack obsessed) man!

Basic Beard Care For The Full Beard Man

  • Choose a style! The soul patch won’t suit everyone, nor does the lumberjack! Choose a style that suits your face, if like me, you are a larger guy grow the beard low down the neckline – now that you’ve decided, LET IT GROW!
  • Look after your beard! Comb it (only in the direction it grows), if you have curly hair, buy a comb with widely spaced teeth on one end to detangle and  fine teeth on the other to refine. For those with fine hair, a fine comb will do the job. Use it daily as it will help you find any stray hairs!
  • Don’t shampoo your beard every day, or condition – it can actually make things worse!  Instead seek out some specialist care products like beard oils to help you maintain a soft to touch, impressive to see beard, think of it as beardy aftershave!
  • In about 2 weeks depending on how fast it grows, you should start to think about trimming your beard.
  • Get a quality tool kit, a trimmer with different attachments and an ability for fine edge work.
  • Trim that bad boy! Use a trimmer to CAREFULLY define the line of your beard, I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone too far and ended up with just a pair of wolverine-esq chops.
  • Moisturise your face!  Don’t ignore your skin just because you have a beard.  Keeping your skin soft and smooth helps the over all look.  Elemis Moisture Boost is very popular at Rush Beauty, it’s definitely worth a try!

And my number one tip? Sleep, eat and look after yourself as  your beard will reflect this!

Now go and make beard my beardy brothers!

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