Maintaining Your Gel Nails


We all love fabulously glossy and flawless nails. Gel nails are perfect for giving you incredible nail colour with a luxurious high-shine finish and are a great alternative to acrylic nails. The gel glides on like a polish and is dry in a matter of minutes. Gelish nails last for 2 weeks or even more, so if you are looking to make your nails last even longer we put together a list of things to remember when you get your nails done.

Maintaining the look of your gels is easy!

1. Choose a comfortable nail length

If you are getting your gelish nails done make sure its a length that you can maintain.  Even though gels are strong and less prone to damage or chipping, the longer your nail the more it may be prone to getting damaged, plus a comfortable nail length allows you to do more activities without worrying about your nails.

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2. Choose a light colour

Using a light colour means that your colour will look fresher longer as they are less likely to show any imperfections, plus when your nails start growing out it will be less obvious to see the growth.

3. Use Gloves

Buy a pair of gloves. If you are one to clean often, get yourself a pair of gloves to protect your nails.  This will keep your nails shiny and avoid drying of the nail bed.

4. Moisturise

Keep you hand and nails moisturised.  With gelish nails you need to make sure your natural nails are kept moisturised as the gels can extract moisture.  This will make them less brittle and healthy.

Try Jessica Nourish Cuticle formula.  Your cuticles will stay soft making your hands looks like you’ve just had a manicure everyday.

5. Do not peel your nails

Stop picking on your nails. If it’s time to remove your gels, contact your Rush Beauty Salon. Peeling will damage your nails and cause them to get dry and brittle, so even though it may be a bad habit, say no more to peeling!

6. Reapply and Gel Diets

After 2/3 weeks, go back to your Rush Beauty salon for a new application.  A gel treatment will last for up to two weeks without chipping, dulling, cracking or peeling, so keep your polished look going by getting your nails reapplied.  In between appointments, get your gel soaked off and treat your nails with moisturisers or cuticle oil. Like most nail treatments, it is advised to give your nails a few days break before reapplying, so go on a gel diet every now and then to keep your nails happy and healthy.

Gel Nail treatments are available at Rush Beauty Croydon, Sutton and Windsor.

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