Winter Hair Care Tips

There’s plenty to love about winter, but it’s all give-and-take; with cosy nights in and the countdown to Christmas comes damaged hair! Thanks to the low moisture content of the cool air outside and heated air inside, hair can become dry and unruly at this time of the year. Plus, winter accessories like hats and hoods rub against the hair fibres, which causes static. And don’t even talk to us about what the cold winds do to our tresses (not to mention our perfectly coiffured updos!). In short, winter threatens to leave even the healthiest hair screaming out for moisture (and some extra TLC!).

We’ve put together a guide to help you to look after your tresses during the cold spell too – think of it as an early Christmas present!


How to Keep Your Hair Healthy Over Winter

There are a few things you can do to prevent your hair from feeling dry, brittle and lifeless this winter:

Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Combat dryness by applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair every week. We recommend using this amazing product, Kerastase Resistance, Marsque Force Architecte which you can purchase from your nearest Rush Salon!

If you’ve got fine hair that’s prone to becoming flat when you use moisturising treatments, you can add some hair serum or oil to a natural bristle brush before blowdrying; it’ll condition your hair without weighing it down. We suggest using Kerastase Elixir Ultime which is left in the hair to leave a healthy-looking, refreshed and smooth finish!


You should also make sure you’re drinking enough (and we’re not talking about mulled wine!). People tend to drink less water in winter, but you need to make sure you’re still drinking the recommended 2 litres of water every day. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: great hair starts from within! If you’re eating the right foods and drinking plenty, your hair and scalp should stay in good condition. If you’re partial to hot drinks at this time of the year, herbal teas are a good way of increasing your daily intake of water.

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair

We’re sure you’ve heard that washing strips the hair of its natural (conditioning) oils, but come winter, it’s especially important to be aware of how often you’re washing your hair – and what you’re washing it with. Stick to sulfate-free shampoo and look out for anything labelled as ‘moisturising’ if your hair feels brittle. And if you’re suffering with a dry, itchy scalp, apply a detoxifying treatment before swapping out your normal shampoo for a gentler cleanser.

Whilst dry shampoo can be a lifesaver in-between washes, it can live up to its name during winter and leave hair feeling dehydrated. To tackle product build-up (a key cause of dryness) it’s recommended that you comb dry shampoo through your hair to about an inch down. Then, apply an oil or serum to your ends to keep them conditioned.

Stave Off Steaming Hot Showers

It may be tempting to turn up the temperature whilst you’re taking a soak – especially in winter – but washing your hair in water that’s too hot causes it to become overly porous, which makes it brittle. Instead, wash in lukewarm water to keep your hair and scalp healthier. End your showers with a cold rinse to smooth down the cuticles; this will keep your hair looking shiny all season long (jagged cuticles reflect light poorly, which makes hair look dull).

Style [Away] Those Fly-Aways

Ah flyaways – they really can be the bane of our lives, can’t they? And in winter, when the air is dryer, flyaways can become a real issue. In fact, even those who are usually blessed with smooth hair can be plagued by static come winter. Tackle flyaways with product; spritz on a smoothing spray and tame any stubborn strands with a matte styling paste. We suggest using the Loreal, Techniart Density material styling paste, it leaves a volumized effect with a powerful hold and matte finish!

To finish, mist over with a light hold hairspray. We recommend Loreal Techniart hairspray which allows you to achieve that sleek look, but with the strong hold!

If your hair is still full of static, run over it with an anti-frizz sheet that’s designed to be used on hair. Whilst traditional dryer sheets work in the same way, it’s no longer recommended that you use them to de-frizz your ‘do in case of irritation. Anti-frizz sheets usually contain dry oils, so they’ll give your hair some shine without weighing it down too.

Don’t Weigh Down Your Roots (and Add Volume)

Loathe limp hair? Us too! Limpness is often caused by overactive oil glands weighing down the roots. Though it’s a year-round problem for many, it can be especially noticeable in winter, when there’s less moisture in the air to plump up the rest of your ‘do. If this sounds familiar, try applying conditioner to just your ends, or opt for a lightweight leave-in (still avoiding those roots!).

For all-day volume, you’ll need to think about your blowdrying technique. Start by applying a root-boosting spray to your hair before drying. Add volume and texture to fine hair by looking out for a styling product that lifts hair at the roots and thickens it too. Then, using a vented radial brush, blowdry the hair sectionally.

Say ‘No!’ to Hat Hair

To avoid one of this season’s most notorious hair crimes, never put a hat on immediately after blowdrying; your still-warm hair will take the shape of your hat! You should also avoid styles that sit tight on the head, as these  encourage the hair to mould into (the wrong kind of) shape too.

For a touch of practical luxury, find a hat that’s lined with silk and/or line your existing ones. This will reduce frizz-causing static and prevent friction (which can lead to breakage). Oh, and it’ll significantly reduce your chances of succumbing to hat hair too!

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