Wait, what? Scrub for my hair?

Fusio Scrub

Is your hair feeling a little lifeless and in need for some TLC? Well… you’re in luck as Rush are now offering two new Kerastase Fusio scrubs to give your hair the cleanse it needs.

The combination of the scrub and a few drops of the revitalising selection of oils, mixed into one creates a shampoo like formula that not only strips the dirt out of each strand, whilst giving you extra shine and volume.

All sounds good… but what exactly is it and what does it do for the hair? Here’s a Q&A, providing you with everything you need to know about the scrubs:

What is a hair scrub?
A chemical granular substance that can help to clean much deeper than a shampoo. Hair scrubs exfoliate the scalp and the fibres surrounding each strand of hair. By massaging the scrub onto the scalp, it will ensure the removal of dead skin cells, particles of pollution and incrusted impurities.

Why should you get a Fusio Scrub?
The main reason is for a deep cleanse – with everyone’s busy lifestyles it is easy to forget the dirt that can build up from the environment that regular shampoo simply cannot clean. Also – it’s a very relaxing experience, the stylist will incorporate a head massage to ensure you feel the best you can during the process.
Fusio scrub can also be used in conjunction with Fusio Dose – these work incredibly well together in not only strengthening the hair, helping the hair to grow but also for that extra glow and shine.

What is the difference between a traditional shampoo and a scrub?
A scrub will clean deeper, removing impurities from not only the hair but also the scalp. The massaging process of the scrub also helps to remove dead skin cells due to the jojoba and orange peel grains used for exfoliation.

Are there different scrubs for different hair types?
Of course – not everyone needs the same thing, each and every individual will have unique needs. The Energising scrub is designed for those with oily prone hair and scalp whilst the Soothing scrub is designed specifically for sensitive scalp. Both enriched with vitamins leading it to be a perfect add on to your hair service, during any time of year.

What is the process?
The correct scrub and oil will be selected to meet your bespoke needs, and mixed together into a formula. The formula will then be distributed over the scalp in circular motions, whilst small amounts of water are added for extra lather. The scrub will then be rinsed well and towel dried. After this, the stylist will be able to continue with further treatments or additional services.

Can I use it at home?
Yes! The scrubs can be purchased in our salons for you to use at home – we recommend after you’re in salon experience that you use it once a week.

Can anyone get a Fusio Scrub?
Yes anyone can get it done however, we do not recommend you get it on the same day as a colour service as it can strip the colour if done immediately after.
If this sounds good to you, find your nearest salon and get yourself booked in. The scrub is a great additional service leaving you with healthy looking volumized hair.

Want to know more about Kérastase Fusio-Scrub? Ask in your local Rush Salon an a stylist can tell you all about it!

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