Your 5 winter hair-mares solved!

Winter weather has well and truly arrived. However the cold, wind and (fingers crossed!) snow can all bring real havoc to your hair if the right precautions are not taken. In the colder months, hair needs some extra TLC to prevent it becoming dry, static or breaking.

Here are your 5 Winter Hair-Mares solved

Use nourishing conditioner to prevent tangles and breakages
Use nourishing conditioner to prevent tangles and breakages

Winter hair-mare number 1: Brittle, breakable hair

Cold winds, snow, sleet and rain make hair prone to dry out and break. Hydrate hydrate hydrate! From low outside temperatures to high central heating, moving between the two can really drain the natural moisture from the hair. We recommend regular trims and a deep conditioning treatment is your solution. Split ends and breakages are more common in Winter, so it is also really important to fully dry your hair before you leave the house. If hair is left wet in low temperatures it will freeze and break off!

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Winter hair-mare number 2: Knotted Hair

We’re big fans of cosy jumpers and oversized scarfs, but not with the tangled hair that comes with it! Hair needs extra conditioner and moisture-rich shampoos this season to keep knots at bay. We are big fans of Tangle Teezers, check out all the different colours and sizes at Shop Rush. They are a perfect handbag size to keep brushing on the go, they glide through the hair without pulling or breaking and are soft to massage the scalp. Which brings us on to…

Julia Roberts with glossy hair
Regular conditioner treatments will add shine to dull dry hair

Winter hair-mare number 3: Dry hair and flaky scalp

Many of us experience dry hair and scalps, a real nightmare for darker hair hues! Less humidity in the air causes skin to dry out and the scalp peels. Regularly brushing your hair will help distribute oil build up from the scalp to all over the head. Check out dandruff-specific shampoos to target dry hair and scalps. Or speak to your Rush stylist who will be able to recommend the right products and treatments for your hair type.

Girl with hat
Spritz hair to hold style and volume and prevent flyaways

Winter hair-mare number 4: Static, frizzy hair

We have all been there, brushing our hair and it frizzes and crackles, fully charged up on some sort of static current. Not cool. The solution? Leave in conditioners and serums, adding shine and weight to protect your hair by locking in moisture. We love Rush’s Shine and Define Finishing Serum as it’s lightweight and fits right in your bag.

Winter hair-mare number 5: Hat Hair

Possibly the worst Winter hair-mare and we have all been there. Coming in from the cold, lifting your cosy beanie to find your hair completely flat (and usually static too!). The answer: Pre-style your hair before. Tease the roots, curl the ends and add a volumizing mousse and a spritz of hairspray to fight against the flat hair. Otherwise go the other extreme, embrace the flat hair by smoothing your hair back with some serum to create a slicked-back hair-do. Watch how to create this look at home. Warning: If hair is left wet under a hat it will dry in the shape of the hat, i.e. completely flat.

We hope we’ve been able to help solve your winter hair worries and help you achieve strong, healthy hair this winter.

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