Your Easilocks Hair Extension questions answered

We’ve teamed up with the Easilocks expert team to answer all your Easilocks hair extension questions to put your worries aside. Please comment below any other questions you may have, or speak to your Rush Stylist for more information.

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How long can I keep my hair extensions in for?

Easilocks hair extensions should be kept in the hair for no longer than 3 months as it may damage the hair, or if you have fine hair, no longer than 8-10 weeks. At Rush Hair we offer a rotation service, where the re-usable hair can be removed and reapplied to your natural hair. Speak to the team for more details, we recommend you book a consultation with your stylist to assess the hair condition and discuss how the extensions have been working for you.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

Swimming is not recommended with the Tape hair extensions method. With Easilocks Tips, tie your hair up and apply conditioner before swimming to act as a barrier against chlorine and salt water which may affect the colour. Shampoo hair immediately after swimming.

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Can I style and tie up my hair extensions?

Yes of course! Just avoid tying your hair into tight ponytails for the first few days after application. Hair can be tied up or styled, just be careful when brushing and always use Easilocks Rose Gold Oil heat protector before using heated hair appliances. For bedtime, we advise you tie your hair into a loose side ponytail or braid to avoid knotting.

Can I reuse my hair extensions?

Yes! Once you have your Tape or Tips Easilocks hair extensions, we offer a Rotate Service where (depending on the condition) you can reuse your hair extensions. An Easilocks Rotate Service reapplies the hair extensions to the new hair at the scalp. Easilocks hair extensions are 100% natural hair, so have long durability and are able to be reapplied to the hair by your Stylist in salon.

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