A balayage lifts your hair so you can achieve a tailored and layered sun-kissed look.

Balayage hair

What you can expect with a balayage

Step 1 Book an appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Read our FAQS page to see if you need a skin & patch test before coming for your appointment


Step 3 Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your appointment time


Step 4 You’ll consult with our expert stylist to discover your ideal shade


Step 5 Your colour shade will be mixed, and your hair sectioned, according to your bespoke colour placement


Step 6 To achieve the best balayage hair colouring, our expert will apply your colour in the direction of how your hair naturally falls


Step 7 Just let your mind wander and wait as the colour gets to work


Step 8 Head over to the sink, where we’ll shampoo and condition your hair


Step 9 Finally, your hair is given an express dry, revealing your balayage locks


How long does balayage take?

Usually around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Bear in mind though, depending on what balayage look you’re going for, additional time could be needed to achieve your personalised look.

How much does balayage cost?

Prices vary depending on salon and stylist level. Starting from £112.

Balayage is a personalised and intricate colouring technique, which depends on your hair’s density and your desired result.

Balayage FAQs

What’s a balayage?

A balayage (pronounced ‘bah-lee-ahge’) is a French word, meaning to ‘sweep.’ It’s a free-hand highlighting technique which involves painting the hair with ribbons of colour, for a blended and sun-kissed finish. A balayage is the perfect choice if you’d like a subtly lighter and brighter look.

Balayage vs. full-head highlights

A balayage is completely customisable, and as the colour doesn’t start at the roots, you can create a low-maintenance style; perfect if you’d like a sun-kissed look. Full-head highlights, however, start directly at the roots to create a lighter effect throughout the hair.

Balayage vs. ombré 

The word ‘ombré’ means ‘shade’ in French and involves applying one (usually darker) colour from your roots to mid-lengths, and another, lighter colour from your mid-lengths to ends.  A balayage starts off softer, near to the roots and gets stronger through the lengths and ends.

How long does a balayage last?

On average between two-to-four months.

Once your shade starts to fade, a toner can be applied to help bring back the vibrant colour to your locks. Book in with your stylist to refresh your tresses and we’ll apply a toner to bring back vibrance.

What people say

My stylist gave me an incredibly gorgeous caramel balayage with a long layered bouncy cut, thank you for being so precise and attentive with my hair goals!



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