Full-Head Highlights

Choose Full-Head Highlights if you want to dramatically lighten your hair with root-to-tip colour. Multi-tonal depth and the illusion of extra volume is yours for the taking.

Full Head Highlights

What to expect with Full-Head Highlights

Step 1 Book your appointment on our website in just three steps


Step 2 Find out if you need to book a skin & patch test before your appointment


Step 3 Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your booking


Step 4 We’ll have a consultation to understand exactly what you want to achieve


Step 5 Your stylist will mix the correct lightener needed, delicately weaving sections throughout your hair, before wrapping each section of hair in foils to develop


Step 6 Time to relax! Chat to your stylist over a coffee or chill out with a magazine


Step 7 We’ll remove the foils and shampoo your locks in the comfort of our spa area. You’ll usually need a toner to achieve your desired shade, which is an additional cost – your stylist will discuss this with you during your consultation


Step 8 Once applied, your toner is rinsed out, before your hair is shampooed and conditioned


Step 9 It’s time to bring out the hairdryer and express-blowdry your ‘do. For a salon-fresh style, you can also add a blowdry to your appointment

How long do Full-Head Highlights take?

Approximately 2 hours.

After your consultation, your stylist will apply the highlights, leave them to develop, and then apply your toner. Once your colour has fully developed, your hair will be shampooed, conditioned and express dried.

How much do Full-Head Highlights cost?

Starting from £112, with toners available from £22 when redeemed alongside a colour service.

This is a longer process than T-section or half-head highlights, requiring your stylist to carefully apply your highlight colour of choice across your full head of hair.

Full-Head Highlights FAQ's

What are highlights?

Highlights are lighter woven sections of hair, lightened to  contrast against the rest of your natural hair or base shade, add dimension and achieve an even lightening from roots to ends.  Full-Head highlights include lighter strands throughout the whole head. T-section highlights focus on the roots of the front hairline, parting and crown, and half-head highlights, naturally, cover around half of your head.

Full-head highlights vs. balayage

Full-Head highlights, or any traditional highlighting service, will usually involve wrapping pieces of hair in foils before applying the lighter colour and leaving it to develop. The results will be high-contrast and the colour will usually extend from root to tip. On the other hand, balayage is a freehand painting technique away from the root, which results in a more natural and subtle finish, with a build-up of brightness towards the ends.


Are Full-Head Highlights damaging?

Highlighting, like any permanent hair colour, can compromise the condition of your hair, especially if it’s already colour-treated, fragile or dry. However, with a professional’s care, and proper maintenance in between salon visits, your hair can be protected and damage minimised.



What people say

The transformation in my hair has been incredible. I would happily return and pay triple what I paid today!