Full-head permanent colour

Full-head permanent colour can give you a vibrant, vivid new look or revitalise the colour of your hair. You might also opt for this service if you want to completely cover your greys. 

full-head perm colour

What you can expect with a full-head permanent colour

Step 1 Book an appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Before having your service, visit our FAQS page to see if you need to have a skin & patch test


Step 3 Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your appointment time


Step 4 You’ll have a consultation with an expert stylist to discuss your dream look


Step 5 We’ll start by mixing your bespoke colour and then section out your hair so we can carefully apply your permanent colour


Step 6 Then, your colourant will be mixed and brushed onto your hair with foils. We’ll section out your hair so we can carefully apply your permanent colour with a colour brush


Step 7 Relax and unwind while you’re waiting for your colour to take effect


Step 8 The foils are removed before we wash and rinse your hair. Once the colour has developed, we will shampoo and condition your hair


Step 9 Your stylist will express-blowdry your new look. For a salon perfect finish, you can also opt for a blowdry to fully show off your new style


How long does a full-head permanent colour take?

Usually around 1.5 hours. 

 Our expert stylists will consult with you, apply your full-head hair colour and finish by washing and drying your hair. 

How much does a full-head permanent colour cost?

Full-head colour services start at £62.

Expertly blended to achieve your bespoke shade, your stylist can apply your colour in one go, making full-head permanent colour more affordable than intricate full-head highlights.

Full-head permanent colour FAQs

What is full-head permanent colour?

A full-head permanent colour is what might spring to mind when you think of hair colouring at its simplest, and involves colouring your full head of hair one colour. You can choose whether to go lighter or darker, though the process might be slightly different each way. If you want to change your base colour entirely, it’s always best to consult your stylist, as you could require a colour correction appointment to reach your perfect colour locks.

Full-head permanent colour vs. full-head highlights?

Full-head permanent colour is one shade that’s applied to your whole head of hair, while full-head highlights are also all over, but painted through to create contrast.

Can I get a full-head permanent colour service and highlights?

You can have both; highlights are applied to your head in foils, before the base colour is applied to your remaining hair. You might need several appointments to achieve your desired look and you’ll need to take extra care of your hair to prevent damage.

How often do I need to get my full-head permanent colour topped up?

Considering the growth of your roots, full-head colour can last up to eight weeks. We advise topping your roots up every four to eight weeks, while your lengths and ends can be regularly refreshed.

What people say

It's been a few weeks now since my last appointment at Rush and I'm still very pleased with the style and colour of my hair - It looks slick and professional!



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