Our Glossing service reinvigorates your hair, giving it depth, tone, shine and a smoother texture.


What you can expect from our Glossing service?

Step 1 Book an appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your appointment time


Step 3 Our expert stylist will consult with you about the glossing process


Step 4 The gloss will be applied to your hair in our spa area or styling station


Step 5 As the gloss does its thing, you can relax and take it easy


Step 6 The gloss is rinsed off and your hair is shampooed and conditioned


Step 7 Your stylist finishes by express-drying your tresses. You can also opt for an additional blowdry service, to get that salon-fresh feel

How long does Glossing take?

Usually around an hour. How much hair you have might influence how long the process takes to apply.

How much does a Glossing service cost?

Starting from £52.

Glossing is less time-consuming than a permanent colour service, making it more affordable.

Glossing FAQs

What is Glossing?

Glosses are conditioning colours that target the hair cuticle directly, rejuvenating your hair to leave it looking healthy and shiny. This is a great way to add vibrancy to your locks, refreshing your hair to create a beautiful even shade.

Glossing vs. toning

Glossing is a semi-permanent means of adding colour and shine to your natural hair, whereas hair toners balance the tone (or yellow tints) of lightened highlighted colour.

How long does glossing last?

A glossing service is semi-permanent, and the effects last for around four to six weeks.

Are there different kinds of glossing?

Yes. There’s clear gloss, which adds shine to your natural hair, and colour gloss that contains pigment to add depth and tone to your ‘do.


I can honestly say the staff here at RUSH made my experience the absolute best! I am so happy, a massive thank you!