Hair Toning

Our hair toner services take away those tired brassy tones and brings your ‘do back to life with silky gloss and shine.


What you can expect from our hair toner treatments

Step 1: Book a toner without colour if your hair is already lightened, or book your toner with colour alongside another colour treatment


Step 2: Find out if you’ll need a skin & patch test by looking at our FAQs page


Step 3: Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your appointment time


Step 4: Consult with an expert stylist to discuss your hair goals


Step 5: Your hair will be shampooed and towel-dried (after colouring, if you picked that option), then your toner will be mixed together


Step 6: The toner will be applied where required


Step 7: Unwind with us as your toner goes to work


Step 8: The toner is rinsed off and your hair is shampooed and conditioned


Step 9: Finally, your stylist will express-dry your hair

How long do hair toning treatments take?

Toner as an add-on to a colour service: around 15 minutes.

Toner as a stand-alone service: about 30 minutes.

Our expert stylists help you select the right toner for you, apply the product and then complete your transformation by washing and express-drying your hair.

How much do hair toning services cost?

Toner with colour: starting at £22.

Toner without colour: starting at £40.

Toner as an add-on to a colour service costs less as it is a quick treatment applied after colouring your hair, while toner as a stand-alone service is left on for longer. That way, your hair can be revitalised between colour appointments.

Hair toner FAQs

What is hair toning?

Hair toning is a treatment that takes away brassy, yellow tones and refreshes or changes the tone of lightened hair Your bespoke toner is mixed and applied throughout the hair, at the backwash, with either an applicator bottle or a tint brush, with the end result bringing back shine.

Hair toner treatments vs. hair glossing

Hair toning and glossing both involve semi-permanent, conditioning dyes, but toner corrects dye that has changed colour, while gloss works to restore faded shades and add depth and shine.

How long do the effects of hair toning last?

Toners gently fade and usually last for up to five weeks, results can vary depending on how often you wash your hair.


Wonderful experience. The stylist listened to what I wanted to achieve, explained my options and limitations and offered advice. They result was exactly what I was hoping for... I'm so impressed!