Half-Head Highlights

Half-Head Highlights are added to the parts of your hair which are most visible and sunlight often hits. This creates an even lightening from roots to ends, and adds contrast to your base shade to increase natural depth.

Half Head Highlights

What you can expect with Half-Head Highlights?

Step 1 Book an appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Find out if you need to book a skin & patch test before your appointment


Step 3 Please come to the salon five minutes before the time of your appointment


Step 4 Our expert stylist will consult with you, to ensure we achieve the result you want


Step 5 We’ll mix together your desired shade and delicately weave sections throughout your hair, wrapping each section in foils to develop


Step 6 As the Half-Head Highlights do their magic, relax by reading a magazine and having a drink


Step 7 We will remove the foils, shampoo your hair and apply a toner if needed, all in the comfort of our spa area


Step 8 Once your perfect shade has been achieved, the toner is rinsed away


Step 9 Your hair is shampooed and conditioned


Step 10 Our expert will express blowdry your hair to complete your Half-Head Highlight transformation

How long do Half-Head Highlights take?

Usually around 1.5 hours.

We’ll have a consultation with you, choose the hue you’d like, apply the highlights and give them time to set. Your stylist will then finish up by removing the lightener, applying a toner if needed, before shampooing and conditioning your hair. An express blowdry to dry your locks is included, or you can opt for a blowdry service for that salon fresh finish.

How much do Half-Head Highlights cost?

Half-Head Highlights start at £97.

By only focusing on particular sections of your mane, Half-Head Highlights are less expensive than full-head highlights.




Half-Head Highlights FAQs

What are Half-Head Highlights?

Half-Head Highlights are placed on particular areas of your hair, usually near your face and hairline, to create more definition and framing around your features.

Half-Head Highlights vs. Full-Head Highlights

Half-Head Highlights and Full-Head Highlights use the same application technique, but the effects are quite different. Half-Head Highlights only focus on the top, crown and sides of your hair, leaving the underneath and back darker for contrast. Full-Head Highlights are woven throughout your whole head for an even lightness.

Half-Head Highlights vs. T-section highlights

Half-Head Highlights focus on the top, crown and sides of your hair to create extra depth and volume. We offer Half-Head Highlights as a new service, or to top up your root colours of an existing half or full head.

How often do I need to get Half-Head Highlights topped up?

Half-Head Highlights last for up to eight weeks before you need to think about topping up the shades again.


I have been regularly to RUSH for blowdrys, regular haircuts and colouring for over a year and cannot recommend enough!