Pre-lighten & tone

A pre-lighten & tone treatment is perfect for anyone who wants their hair lightened by more than two shades. Impress everyone with dazzling new locks, finished with toner to get your ideal hue.

Pre-lighten & tone

What you can expect with a pre-lighten & tone?

Step 1 Book an appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Before having your treatment, visit our FAQs page to see if you need to have a skin & patch test


Step 3 Please arrive at the salon five minutes before your appointment time


Step 4 You’ll have a consultation with an expert stylist to plan your transformation


Step 5 We’ll start by sectioning out your hair so we can carefully pre-lighten each area


Step 6 The lightener is then applied to each section


Step 7 Relax and unwind while you’re waiting for the treatment to take effect


Step 8 The lightener is rinsed off and your hair is shampooed


Step 9 Next it’s time for toner, which will develop for up to 15 minutes, its is then rinsed, shampooed and conditioned


Step 10 Your stylist will then express-blowdry your new look

How long does the pre-lighten & tone process last?

This process depends on your hair texture, length and colour. Book a consultation with your stylist to learn how long your new look will take.

How much is a pre-lighten & tone treatment?

The cost of this service depends on your existing hair colour. Book a consultation with your stylist for the most accurate pricing.

Pre-lighten & tone FAQs

What is a pre-lighten & tone treatment?

Pre-lightening is another name for what we used to call ‘bleaching’. If you want a hair colour more than two shades lighter than it is currently, our stylists will pre-lighten your hair to lighten existing colour and prepare it for the new look.

For this particular treatment, we’ll then apply toner to your hair to achieve the specific colour you want

Pre-lighten & tone vs. toner treatment

Pre-lighten & tone is designed to first lighten all of your hair before toner is applied. If you are coming in to top-up and add shine to your current style, a standalone toner treatment is right for you.

Does pre-lighten treatment suit all hair?

You can have your hair pre-lightened if it’s light or dark. Darker hair colour may need more than one pre-lighten appointment to meet your goals, so our stylist will chat with you to make sure your hair is getting the right treatment.

How often do I need to pre-lighten and tone my hair?

Pre-lighten treatments usually need topping-up every four to six weeks.


My stylist has been doing my hair for over a year now and every time she absolutely smashes it! It always looks amazing and just how I want it. I wouldn’t want anyone else touching my hair!