T-Section Highlights

T-section highlights help you top up your highlights between full or half-head appointments, and disguise greys.

T section highlights

What to expect with T-Section Highlights

Step 1 Book your appointment online in three easy steps


Step 2 Check our FAQs to find out if you need a skin & patch test ahead of your appointment


Step 3 Please arrive five minutes before your booked appointment time


Step 4 Our stylist will consult with you to make sure we achieve the desired result


Step 5 We’ll mix your desired colours and apply them to your roots, in foils, and at your front hairline, parting and crown


Step 6 While the product develops, you can relax with a drink and a magazine


Step 7 It’s time to remove the foils, then shampoo and condition your locks


Step 8 Our stylist will express-blowdry your hair, so you can see your new colour result straight away. Upgrade to a blowdry for a fully swishable salon finish.

How long do T-Section Highlights take?

Approximately 1.5 hours.

We’ll give you a consultation, apply the highlights, leave them to lighten, then shampoo, condition and dry your hair.

How much do T-Section Highlights cost?

Starting from £67.

T-Section Highlights can be more affordable than other root coverage options, as they cover less of the head and so are quicker to apply using less product.

T-Section Highlights FAQs

What are T-Section Highlights?

T-Section Highlights are a top up service to refresh your existing highlights, focusing on your parting, crown and the front of your hairline.

T-Section Highlights vs. full-head highlights

While full-head highlights include lightened sections all over your head, the T-section (or T-bar) technique mostly focuses on the roots of your front hairline, parting and crown to refresh your look. Placed throughout the head either on your roots or through to your ends, full-head highlights are more transformative. However, you can largely maintain your natural colour with a t-section.

T-Section Highlights vs. half-head highlights

Half-head highlights are similar to T-Section Highlights but take a bit longer to apply and cost a little more. Highlights are placed through the top, front and sides of your head, stopping just below the crown, and applied to either your roots or ends. Choose a T-section if you want to top up your roots colour, and a half-head for added volume and depth.




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