10 Holiday Hair Styles by Destination

The holiday season is slowly creeping up on us, we aren’t complaining we all love holidays at Rush! Going on holiday is all about relaxing, but for some it involves a lot of prepping. Just like your skin, you need to protect your hair from the sun whilst you are on holiday. We always recommend […]

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The holiday season is slowly creeping up on us, we aren’t complaining we all love holidays at Rush! Going on holiday is all about relaxing, but for some it involves a lot of prepping. Just like your skin, you need to protect your hair from the sun whilst you are on holiday. We always recommend our clients get a haircut before you go away, any dry or split ends will be removed before you go into the sun and it prevents them getting worse. We have divided the post into short and long haul flights and trawled through Instagram to find celebrities who have visited our chosen destinations. Have a read of this post and gather some hair inspiration for your holiday.

Short Haul destinations

Chrissy Teigen- Marrakech

Marrakech is an upcoming destination, and Chrissy Teigen recently embarked on a trip to Marrakech with her husband John and daughter Luna, isn’t Luna just the cutest baby? We think so. Flight’s from London are extremely cheap, so why not choose Marrakech for your holiday destination this year? For the majority of the trip, Chrissy kept her hair up in a sophisticated bun to keep her cool in the Morrocan heat, that was probably for the best considering Marrakech is boiling! Remember to use the Kérastase Soleil range for SPF protection on your hair, protecting your hair colour. Available in Rush Hair salons.


Alessandra Ambrosio- Mykonos

Greece has always been a popular holiday destination, but it’s the islands that are attracting more and more travelers. If the crystal clear water and white buildings aren’t enough to make you want to go there then take a look at Alessandra in the water- how great does she look? She can definitely pull off the wet hair look and still look good. How I hear you all ask? Applying a conditioner or a hair oil to your hair before you swim will create a barrier because oil and water don’t mix, this will help protect your luscious locks from the water. Redken All Soft is a great conditioner to use because it leaves your hair silky soft.


Lottie Moss – Palma de Mallorca

Mini Moss is just like her sister, frequently on holiday! We love her sense of style, and on one of her recent trips to Mallorca Lottie’s hair looked incredible! The model’s bright blonde locks were wavy and perfect for the beach. Achieving a beachy wave look is simple, there are a lot of products on the market to achieve beachy waves, we love Redken Beach Envy Volume Shampoo. Achieve easy beachy wavy hair without putting in the effort. What’s not to love?


Bella Hadid- Cannes

Bella and Gigi are such influencers, and Bella’s posts from when she was in Cannes is definitely making us want to book a weekend break there! Apart from the amazing backdrop in her photo, we like the way she had slicked back her hair. We would recommend that you try a sleek braid. Braids are easy to do and there are many ways to personalise them, making it even more loveable, our favourite is the fishtail braid.


Kady McDermott- Marbella

The Love Island contestant has been holidaying non-stop for the last couple of weeks, she was in the Maldives a few weeks ago now Marbella! Firstly, her tan- no words. It’s not just us that are loving the way Kady has styled her hair, all of the comments on the post are her fans asking her to film a hair tutorial for it. The brunette beauty has kept her long locks down but sectioned a small part of her hair into a top knot. A Skinnydip Tangle Teezer would come in handy for this look, especially as her hair is so long, will detangle any knots easily.


Long Haul destinations

Kourtney Kardashian- Bahamas

When are the Kardashians never not on holiday? Kourtney is looking amazing at the moment and this image backs us up! A simple yet easy holiday hairstyle is a simple ponytail. It is effortless but can look so great whilst you are sitting around the pool topping up your tan. The Bahama’s is hot all year round so Kourtney has opted for an easy quick hair style. Simply scrape your hair back and tie it into a ponytail. Why not use a Pop band to accessorise your hair? We absolutely love Pop bands at Rush and sell them in our salons, you can match your bikini with your pop band- just an idea!


Jess Woodley- Barbados

Jess who used to be on Made in Chelsea spends a lot of her time in Barbados- lucky for some! Her hair is short and sweet and suits being put up in a top knot. More recently Jess has been colouring her hair. Get a fabulous new colour before your holiday with our new Spring Highlights offer including cut and blowdry – hurry ends 9th June. Our salons are loving colourful hair for S/S17 with the newly released colourful hair range. Take a look at our Instagram channel to see some of our Stylist’s best work.


Millie Mackintosh- Cape Town

The former Made in Chelsea cast member is no stranger to holidays. Last year the starlet went on 18 holidays! Millie must be a pro at making sure her hair is protected from the sun. Her hair is quite fine but has a lot of volume in this image, we would recommend using KMS California AddVolume Spray, it helps to boost the body of the hair whilst adding strength to each fibre. Don’t forget to do regular deep conditioning treatments, before, during and after your trip to maintain moisture levels.


Tash Oakley- Byron Bay

The swimwear designer is always parading around beaches around the world promoting her line. Her hair is always in tip-top condition, we are loving the colour and style of it. Tash always goes for a beachy wave and blonde highlights. If you are taking advantage of our Spring Highlights offer then please let our stylists know that you are planning to go on holiday. They will need to ensure your colour is slightly darker than usual because the sun will naturally lift the colours. Tash is also making sure she protects her hair by wearing a hat, this prevents UV damage to your hair.


Elsa Holk- Mexico

A bun is such a simple hairstyle but there are many ways to style it. Firstly use a Tangle Teezer to brush through the hair to get rid of any knots, and then use the brush to brush the hair upwards into a bun. The Victoria Secret model’s bun is very high up, so this look needs a lot of hold. Redken does a 28 Control Addict Hairspray, it comes in 75ml so it’s the perfect size for traveling.


Suki Waterhouse- Dubai

Ah Dubai, what a destination. It has been put into the long haul list because it just had to be included, how can you not love Dubai? There is so much to do and see you’ll never be stuck for ideas. Surprisingly Suki’s hair is down whilst she was in Dubai, she doesn’t seem to mind the heat. Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo and Conditioner would be good for this type of heat, to keep the frizzy hair at bay.


Decided where you are going on holiday? Make sure to visit Rush before you go! Book your hair appointment today