Dare To Be Bold! Colourful Hair Inspiration

Take a look at any red carpet, runway or instagram feed and it’s clear that bold hair is here to stay. From soft shades to opal tones, or bright, vivid hues.

The possibilities are endless, the tones are gorgeous and who says you have to stick to one colour? The trend for multiple tints and tones has well and truly taken off.

We have taken a look at some of our very own Rush clients who are getting extra bold and experimental when choosing their hair colour. So here’s all the inspiration you need to play around with your own colour palette

Dare to go bolder? 


With the announcement of the Pantone colour of the year ‘Classic Blue’ we believe it the perfect time to celebrate the wonderful blue tones created by our Rush colour Artists. 

All over aqua

Black Blue 

Blue Balayage 

Mermaid locks 

Royal Blue


Clearly pink is a hair trend that isn’t going anywhere. We aren’t just talking about pastel shades. We are loving the plethora  of pink shades that are going to make you want you to book your next colour appointment. 

mmCerise Curls

Rose Gold

Soft Pink 

Baby Pink 

Hot Pink 


Gorgeous green was an intevitable trend following blue, pink and purple. These verdigris shades are to die for and give us some major under the sea vibess.

Mint Green 

Teal Tresses 



Purple hair don’t care! Another unique non-natural shade you should try, purple hair always looks phenomenal.  The colour ranges from a deep grayish purple, light foggy lavender to a vibrant violet and they are all equally as stunning

Very Violet


Lush Lilac 

Smokey Violet


These shades of brassy blonde are giving faded pastels a run for their money. These spicy shades of yellow are often paired with brown and ginger shades which make yellow extremely wearable for a wide variety of skin tones.



Canary Curls

Multi-Coloured Hair

Go bold or go home right? These multi-tonal looks are not for the faint hearted but might be our favourite looks ever!






Marble tones


Get the best out of your hair with Rush hair and beauty. Head to you nearest salon to talk to our talented colour artist on how to achieve the a gorgeous colour.