Get Glowing with These Summer Beauty Tips

Wondering what to do with your hair and skincare in warm weather? Here at Rush, we’ve got you covered.

The ideal summer may be full of blue skies, sunny days and family vacations, but smeared eyeliner, super-sticky lipstick and melting makeup are very real problems that can arise during this time of year. Have no fear though, because there are fixes to all your summer beauty woes.

To stay looking your best, add these tricks to your summer beauty arsenal.

1: Start by using moisturiser as this will keep your skin hydrated when the weather gets hot and dry. Ideally, you should opt for an oil-free product and apply each morning. This allows for plenty of time to let it sink in and start working wonders. Choose an oil-free foundation formula to match and you’ll be ready to begin summer the right way.

2: Layer on sunscreen and UV protection because no one wants sunburn for the foreseeable future. If you can prevent damage now, why wouldn’t you? And that means wearing sunscreen every single day, even under your makeup (take our word for it: applying makeup over sunburned skin is NOT fun). You should be re-applying sunscreen every two hours, but this can be hard when you’re out and about – especially when you don’t want to use your hands. Fortunately, there are plenty of sunscreen hacks that’ll make application so much less annoying.

3: Watch what you drink. Something very important to bear in mind over the summer is your fluid intake. Yes, we mean water. And lots of it. The problem with summer is that you tend to sweat more, making your cells lose water much quicker. This can wreak havoc on your skin, which craves moisture, as well as causing you to feel tired and unwell. Ensure your drinking (water) game is strong all through the warmer months, aiming for between eight and 10 glasses every day. Also, try to include fresh juices and fruits with high water content in your diet. We promise your skin will thank you for it.

4: Embrace exfoliation with the utmost enthusiasm. No, that doesn’t mean rubbing your skin until it’s raw. It just means you need to exfoliate at regular intervals (two or three times a week), which will help slough away any accumulated dead cells that are clogging your pores and forming a layer of nasties. Exfoliation also makes your face a better canvas to apply makeup on. Timing-wise, you should always aim to exfoliate in the evenings; NEVER right before you go for a swim or out in the sun.

5: Pick a powerhouse makeup primer. In the few seconds it takes to apply a primer, which goes on after moisturiser but before face makeup, your skin’s natural brightness and glow will really shine through. Primers don’t feel at all like a heavy, additional layer, and they really help hold makeup in place. Some even work to soften wrinkles and blur imperfections! Exactly the kind of cosmetic you want in your corner this summer.

6: Once your skin is fresh and clean, glow up with some bronzer. ‘Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter – everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin,’ says New York City-based makeup artist Troy Surratt. And we couldn’t agree more. For fresh and natural results, apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. (Covering every nook and cranny will only give you a fake, baked look – which we’re sure you’re not going to enjoy.)

7: Hair feeling the humidity? Work that updo! We know summer is meant to be a time for letting your hair down (pun absolutely intended), but styling with a braid or bun is perfect as far as looking great AND beating the heat are concerned. Need some more helpful hints because the weather’s being super-mean to your mane? Check out our very own 10 ways to banish frizz (you’re totally welcome).

8: Play with fun, vibrant colours. Just as you’re probably more likely to wear a vivid top or carry a bright bag this season, the colours in your makeup palette could use a little livening up as well. If you tend to stick with neutrals, experiment with just one area of your face; a punchy blush on the apples of the cheeks is a good place to start. And if it’s your hair you wish to pin down, then consider colouring based on what’s trending from celebrities and the runway. Getting into the summertime spirit is just a few shiny shades away!

Summer, like winter, requires its own special beauty tricks. After all, it’s during this time of year that your style should sizzle – not your hair or skin. At Rush Hair & Beauty, we are passionate about making you feel special with our wide range of world-class treatments, including waxing, IPL, nails, and much more. Find your nearest salon today and treat yourself to a summer beauty refresh like no other!

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