Does wearing make up to the gym damage your skin?

We are all aware that wearing make-up whilst working out is not necessarily good for your skin, so why do we see gyms full of women wearing full faces of make-up?

When you are working out you are sweating out all the toxins from your body, which is why it is important to keep hydrated during and after your workout. If you wear make-up on your face whilst working out you are prone to breakouts.  Sweating and increasing temperature, both which happen when working out, can lead to open pores. If you are wearing make-up then the open pores will become blocked by make-up, this then results in breakouts.

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Wearing make-up whilst you work out can cause you to break out, but there is no evidence it will accelerate the ageing process. Just make sure to cleanse your skin before a workout to avoid any nasty spots. At selected Rush Beauty salons we have an amazing offer to keep your skin healthy. Book in for a Hydradermie facial and receive a 400ML Guinot Cleanser & Toner for £99 when you quote ‘Guinot Offer’.

The 60-minute treatment is popular during Spring/Summer seasons because the in-depth cleansing allows the skin to breathe. After the first treatment, your skin will feel more hydrated and comfortable, the hydration helps improve your skin’s suppleness.


Try the Guinot Fraicheur Cleansing Milk helps remove your make-up. It uses rose extracts to tone and softens the skin. It works nicely with the Guinot toner as the toner also helps complete make-up removal, tone and soothes the skin. It also ensures your skin is getting plenty of hydration.

The Guinot Confort Cleansing Milk cleanses your skin without any alcohol. This helps your skin stay moist and doesn’t leave it dry. The cleanser tones and soothes the skin and this range is great for people with dry skin. The refreshing toning lotion also helps removes any last traces of makeup.

You can also enjoy the salon experience at the comfort of your own home with the 400ml Guinot Toner & Cleanser for just £52 or on their own for £25.50. Get a radiant and luminous complexion in time for spring with Guinot retail set.

While at the gym – avoid touching your face as this can transfer germs from surfaces at the gym to your face. Take a face cloth with your to wipe away sweat and wash your hands as soon as you are done.


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