How To Style The Braid Away

Create the perfect braid away. In this tutorial Rush’s James Oxley shows you how to create the braid away at home. What better way to stand out from the crowd then with striking braids to start your festival season with festival chic looks.

Celebrity inspiration: Julianne Hough and Taylor Swift. These ladies have been spotted on the red carpet with a similar braided look.

How to style:

  1. Start with a small section from the front hairline to back of the ear.
  2. Comb section flat
  3. Pump Redken Braid Aid on length and ends of hair (this will allow the hair to be controlled and defined)
  4. Take 3 sections, overlapping towards the ends of the hair to create this braid
  5. If your braid starts to slip away apply Braid Aid to finger tips and apply to strands
  6. Secure ends with elastic bands
  7. Using Redken Fashion Collection Metallic Fix Pomade apply a small amount to hairline and behind the ear.

Recommended Products:

  • Redken Braid Aid
  • Redken Fashion Collection Metallic Fix Pomade

Learn how to create the season’s hottest trends with a one on one tutorial at the Hair Gallery at The House of Rush, Piccadilly.

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