New Year, New You: Hair Trends for 2019

There’s no better way to usher in the new year than with a new ‘do. Whether you’re looking for simple ways to transform your hairstyle or you fancy making a bigger change, switching up your look for the upcoming year is a great place to start. If you’re in need of some inspiration, listen up; these hair trends are set to be huge in 2019.

Low-Maintenance Bangs

These days, it’s all about effortlessly cool cuts. Low-maintenance fringes are a godsend, since you don’t need to worry about getting such regular trims (who’s got the time anyway?). Bardot bangs are a great option, since they can be worn parted or full, and frame the face in a way that says, ‘I woke up like this – and I look freakin’ fabulous.’ Finding the right fringe for your face shape is key, but even blunt bangs should have a choppiness to them. We love Hailey Baldwin’s bardot bangs; that tonal colour adds just the right amount of depth, and frames her face perfectly.

The 60s

In 2018, the autumn/winter runways were full of 60s beauty influences, and the trend is set to dominate this year too. From Miu Miu’s massive (if not gravity defying) beehives to Moschino’s Jackie O style bouffant bobs, 60s hairstyles are definitely in vogue right now. Yes, it’s time to invest in a decent pair of heated rollers and LOTS of hairspray.

Blunt 90s Bobs

Last year we couldn’t get enough of the lob (or the long bob). These one-length cuts were, at first, a little bit shaggy; then (to culminate with the glass hair trend), poker straight. This year, we’re sticking to blunt cuts, but going shorter. Bobs that sit above the shoulders – somewhere between your ears and the nape of the neck – are the ones to watch. Oh, and put down your curling tongs; these precise, blunt bobs are all about sticking to your natural texture. So, whether your hair is poker straight, wavy or curly, work with what you’ve got for an on-trend finish. Emma Roberts recently chopped her long locks into a cute bob, and we absolutely love it!

Smoky Pink

The pastel hair trend has been around for a while, but it’s gotten a little more grown up. Smoky pink hair colours are soft and sooty, with beautiful grey-ish undertones. This colour is a little less ‘my little pony’ and a lot more versatile than its candy-coloured predecessor; with cool undertones, it’s more elegant than grungy.


Thanks to celebrities like Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner declaring their love of wigs, wearing them has become hugely popular. And for anyone who likes to experiment with their look on an almost daily basis (and wants to keep their hair healthy!), it’s obviously good news. People have worn wigs for centuries, but often tried to conceal this by choosing pieces that were as natural-looking as possible. Now? Well, now it’s all about being bold. Non-natural colours, like pastels and citrus hues, reigned supreme on the catwalks. And cuts were either boxy and blunt, or (extremely) voluminous and more sculptural. Get in on the action by investing in a few good quality wigs; when properly looked after, then can last years.

OTT Hair Accessories

Remember when our collection of hair accessories amounted to little more than a pot full of bobby pins? Well, not anymore. This season expect to max out on hair accessories of every kind. The mantra ‘more is more’ certainly comes into play here. So, take a cue from Ashley Williams’ catwalk show and pile ‘em high; after all, why wear one clip when you can wear five?

Ultra-Glossy Hair

That grungier, lived-in look is set to be replaced with ultra-glossy hair that’s got SO much shine. Where matte and messy styles have been de rigueur for quite some time, you should expect to see sleeker, smoother and generally more polished styles this year. Look to model Sara Sampaio’s high-shine tresses for inspiration and book yourself in for a blowdry!

Slick-Back High Ponytails

Another 90s trend to emerge is the slicked-back high ponytail. Perfectly demonstrated here by Bella Hadid, it’s become a lot more polished since the high pony heyday (who else remembers wearing them at school?). Use hair mousse rather than gel for a sleek – not greasy – finish. Oh, and unlike the 90s version, don’t leave any tendrils loose at the front; if you want it to look elegant, make sure that there’s not one hair out of place!

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