Are you struggling to lose that extra bit of weight?

Summer is fast approaching, and that means one thing- the holiday season is around the corner. Hours are spent searching for the perfect holiday, or scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. Once your holiday and flights are booked it is time to get beach body ready – this is the part most people dread. Dragging yourself to the gym in the early hours of the morning, prepping your meals and staying away from chocolate and that glass of wine in the evening after a hard day at work. No matter how hard some people try and lose weight or tone up they simply cannot get to where they want to be, the added stress of the media can also take the fun out of it.

At Rush we understand, and our beauty salons offer treatments which can help. There are four Rush Beauty salons- Croydon, Windsor, Sutton and our flagship salon- The House of Rush. All four salons offer a range of different treatments to help you get ready for your holiday, from nails, spray tanning and LVL lashes. They also offer treatments to help aid toning up. LPG Endermologie and CACI leg and buttocks lift are perfect to make sure you are beach ready. You may never have heard of these treatments and that’s ok- we are going to talk you through what they are and there benefits!

What is LPG Endermologie?

LPG Endermologie is a non-surgical treatment which specialises in getting rid of cellulite. It is also used to help tone and tighten your skin, the treatment is popular in all of our beauty salons and clients tend to book a course. LPG can also be used by our mature clients. As you age the skin loses its elasticity. This treatment helps reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. The procedure last for 35 minutes, you can purchase one session or a course of 10 or 20. We recommend that you have 2-3 sessions a week to really see results.

How does it work?

The machine has been designed to target problem area’s, it is compared to a deep tissue massage, this is because the rollers on the machine have the same motion as a deep massage. On a machine, there are 24 rollers, which are electrically charged with micro-currents. The rollers on the machine roll in and out and then over the problem area’s, it aims to stimulate the blood flow in the capillaries, decrease water retention and encourages the renewal of Collagen. It also will delay the signs of aging and tighten loose skin and muscles. Photos can be taken before and after to make sure the client sees the results, the targeted area’s will also be measured to see how much change there has been.

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Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt but it has been reported that if a client has lumpy cellulite they may find it slightly uncomfortable, this is because some areas of the body are more sensitive than other parts. The rollers vibrate and tingle which increases blood flow, clients tend to describe this as relaxing!

Will it help me lose weight?

No, the procedure is not designed for weight loss. If you have cellulite, then the procedure will help get rid of it, the machine will also treat loose or sagging skin and will make it will make it feel firmer. Because of the changes to your skin, your body will look toned. In order to lose weight, we believe a healthy balance diet and exercise is important.

What is CACI?

CACi is an award winning beauty company. They supply to over 10,000 beauty salons, health clubs, and spas and we are proud to be one of the brands they supply too! CACI is another non-surgical procedure which helps get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and helps tone the body. The treatments can be done anywhere on the body but at our salons, we focus on the leg and buttocks area as these are the two area’s where most people struggle to tone.

How does it work?

Like the LPG machine, the CACI machine has 24 rollers and works by stimulating the blood flow, some clients compare it to a massage, this is why so many clients love both of the treatments because it can be relaxing at the same time. The stimulation from the rollers triggers something called lipolysis, which is when the fat cells start to release the stored fat.

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Best Anti-Cellulite Treatment This unique therapy features the #CACI Electro #Cellulite Massager, which has 24 rollers so it adjusts to the contours of the body and mimics the kneading and pinching technique in conventional detox massages and #Environ Body Profile Treatment. At the same time, a #microcurrent is applied to targeted areas via these rollers, helping to break up fat deposits and speed up the process of detoxification for firmer skin. Environ Electro Cellulite Reduction Body Sculpt 110 min £125 Treatment The Electro Cellulite treatment combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of microcurrent therapy whilst active ingredients in Environ Body Profile Gel
are driven deep into lower layers to assist in the reduction of the
orange peel effect. Conductive rollers are electrically charged with microcurrent to gently knead and soothe aching limbs, and
The stimularory action of the ECM tones firm sagging muscles.
muscles and reduces inches by improving lymph drainage and
breaking down fatty deposits.

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Does it hurt?

Because the treatment is similar to LPG clients shouldn’t feel any pains, but if you have lumpy cellulite you may feel some discomfort. If you are worried then please feel free to ask our lovely staff and they will be able to advise you!

Will it help me lose weight?

Again, like the LPG treatment, it won’t help you lose weight. The electrically conductive pads are placed over specific muscle groups in the areas you are targeting and the CACI treatment will help tone and firm the body muscles, there should be changes in how your body looks. To ensure there is a visible change we will measure and take images before and after the course. The electrically conductive pads are placed over specific muscle groups in the areas you are targeting. Eating healthy and working out on a regular basis will ensure you lose weight, and before you know it you will be feeling and looking great in time for Summer!

If this blog has inspired you to try a treatment then book an appointment at your nearest Rush Beauty salon today in time for Summer!

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Please consult a medical professional before making any dietary changes.

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