13 Greatest Wimbledon Tennis Hair Statements

With the opening of Rush Hair Wimbledon Village soon, we thought it was a good time to take a look at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship’s hair highlights!

It’s no secret the Wimbledon Tennis Championship is a fashion event for more than the glitterati. Over the years some hairstyle classics have been paraded here, disasters too!

Here’s our round-up of the 13 most noteworthy hair statements, on and off court, over the years at Wimbledon;

1) Andre Agassi

During his 90’s hey day Andre Agassi was not just an outstanding sportsman, but he also had an outstanding mullet! It’s fair to say that Andre regrets his choice, and has been reported in The Observer as saying;

Let me put it this way, if I saw a picture of me looking like that from 20-plus years ago, I would probably burn it.

And recently he has suggested that it wasn’t even his own hair, having told The Telegraph in an interview,

My wig was like a chain and the ridiculously long strands in three colours like an iron ball which hung on it.

Even if we do think its a terrible hairstyle, we can’t deny that it’s iconic!

#ThrowbackTennis … @Nike

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2) Bjorn Borg

Not the only player to pull off the long hair – headband combo, what distinguishes Bjorn Borg, is that he coupled it with unique pinstripe and skin tight sportswear.

We think that the hair and the body forming clothes might have helped make the viking a bit of a heart throb and Bjorn seems to agree, he was quoted in The Telegraph as saying;

When I first played at Wimbledon, in 1973, it was crazy. I was this young Swedish guy with long hair, and suddenly it went mad and there were girls everywhere.


On this day in 1978, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe met for the first time. Their rivalry still lives long in the memory… #costume #tennis #Wimbledon

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3) Hugh Jackman

Moving off court, in 2014, celebrated Australian actor Hugh Jackman stunned the internet when he attended Wimbledon with a radical new style.

Appearing completely bald, no hair at all with a goatee! It was not just a fashion statement though, he was playing Blackbeard in the movie Pan at the time.

He told Access Hollywood,

I really shaved my head. I recommend everyone to shave their head at least once in their life..


Just took our seats @Wimbledon. Amazing moment at the Men’s Championship. Djokovic vs Federer

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4) Gussie Moran

Known as “Gorgeous Gussie” this player from the 40’s and 50’s had a career beset by scandal.

But that didn’t stop her being a fashionista, known for her frilly knickers, which caused public scandal at the time.

We love her style and can see echoes of this tight back ponytail hairstyle in todays fashion. We’re sure it was very forward thinking for the time!

Tennis Hall of Fame, Jack Kramer was reported to have said of Moran in the Independent;

Gussie was the Anna Kournikova of her time…


In honor of the start of #Wimbledon we’re taking style cues from the court. Get 1950s tennis star #GussieMoran’s tennis look on BAZAAR.com.

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5) Anna Wintour

Anna is a behemoth of the fashion world, and she has been known to attend the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

Her precise hair bob is instantly recognisable and she owns it! Did you know she’s had that same hairstyle since she was 15?

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6) Anna Kournakova

Anna’s high set braided ponytail is on trend for the current braiding vogue. It’s both practical and a statement, powerful and intricate. We’ve seen similar looks on the catwalk recently.

Throwback Thursday with #kournikova @elitetennistraining #tbt

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7) Maria Sharapova

Invoking a whip-like, weaponised quality when she’s on Wimbledon’s court, Maria is as famous for her ponytail, as she is for her Wimbledon performances.

She recently fooled fans into thinking she had lopped off her bright blonde, sleek, ponytail in favour of a short bob.

Yet, it transpired that this had, in fact, been a wig, she had tried it for a photoshoot. Recently, she cited the incident in The Daily Mail,

I love the short hair look but it doesn’t work with my lifestyle.

Talking about her hair in Harpers Bazarr the Russian tennis icon recently said,

I tie a ponytail, pin the flyaways, and use L’Oréal Elnett hairspray.


“In life, many things don’t go according to plan. If you fall, get back up. If you stumble, re-gain your balance. Never give up.” #mariasharapova #sharapova #sharafamily #teamsharapova #istandwithmaria #athlete #nike #tennis #wta #motivation #inspiration #idol #quote #nevergiveup #keepgoing

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8) Serena Williams

With a wonderfully wild ponytail on court, Serena looks every part the Tennis warrior. But we were most impressed with her 2015 Vogue cover. When she got back to basics with big, beautiful hair.

#Vogue http://vogue.cm/19bOeLg

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Oh, and you should check out the times that Serena and her sister Venus have gone for matching hair on court too.

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9) Martina Hingis

Czechoslovak-born Martina Hingis is the youngest Wimbledon Tennis Champion of all time. She’s also the first female athlete to appear on the cover of GQ magazine.

Her style is as defined as her game, and although she has had many hair styles we like her short shaggy crop period best.

MORNING QUOTES «Ora le giocatrici giocano con la calcolatrice in mano. La loro stagione è programmata nei minimi dettagli. Il mio programma a sedici anni era molto più semplice: ovunque andassi volevo vincere». Martina Hingis, tennista elvetica che ha vinto 43 titoli WTA tra cui 5 prove del Grande Slam (3 Australian Open, un Roland Garros ed un US Open), e 2 Master: il tutto prima di compiere 20 anni. È stata anche n.1 del mondo ed in doppio ha vinto 55 titoli tra cui 17 prove del Grande Slam tra doppio femminile e doppio misto, 3 Master ed una medaglia d’argento alle Olimpiadi di Rio nella specialità di doppio femminile. Nel doppio femminile ha realizzato il Grande Slam (1998). #MartinaHingis #Hinghis #Tennis

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10) David & Romeo Beckham

In the same year that David Beckham caught a ball at Wimbledon he and son, Romeo, cut pretty dapper figures.

We love Davids, high brushed slick backed mens hair classic. Perfectly juxtaposed by Romeos foppish mop.

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11) Princess Kate

The future royal matriarch is always stylish, and there has been no shortage of discussion about her hair.

But we couldn’t ignore her appearances at Wimbledon, she is the Royal patron for the tournament. Where her hair has looked as flawless as always.

Our pick for this post is from 2016 when she famously cheered on Andy Murrey as he took his second Wimbledon title.

Chestnut colour with big bouncy curls and awesome condition, the Princess looks good enough for a King, but human enough for a nation!

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12) Steffi Graff

During her early career, Steffi’s medusa-like blonde locks helped her stand out on Wimbledon’s court. By all accounts it also helped her intimidate her opponents.

Monica Seles said,

A lot of us were scared of Steffi.

Definitely representative of the times, we love the sheer firey, aggression of her off court, volumous, punky, 80’s style. But for this list we’ve chosen a more conservative ponytail, simply because we couldn’t miss out on showing you this iconic moment in Wimbledon’s history.

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13) Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales was never seen with unfashionable looking hair.

She was no stranger to Wimbledon, using the opportunity to show her elegance in public. We’ve chosen her 1984 look to showcase here.

On trend for the time and from the period before she had her hair cut short. We adore the youth and brilliance on display here. Vibrant blonds and fly-away curls complete this classic hairstyle.

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Rush Wimbledon Village opens on 18th March, you can book in advance online here, or by phone on 020 3474 6998

We can’t wait to help you get your Wimbledon look together!

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