Six Hair Care Products by Redken for Good Hair Days

We all go through one too many bad hair days, and end up in a reoccurring cycle looking for that perfect product for a quick fix.

Redken’s hair care products are great for treating, repairing and revitalising your hair.  So whether your hair is fine or thick, long or short, dry or oily there is a product to solve your hair dilemmas.

For Sensitized Hair: Redken EXTREME

Excessive brushing often causes strands to split and break. The Extreme range targets up to a 73% reduction in  hair breakage.  It works wonders for damaged and weakened hair.

The Shampoo caters to your fragile hair by gently cleansing your tresses to help fortify your strands then the conditioner brings your hair back to life with its detangling formula giving a feeling of resilience. How to use: Apply to wet hair, make sure to massage it into a lather before you rinse.

For Dry Brittle Hair: Redken ALL SOFT

If your hair is dry and brittle, you probably have constant breakage and a ‘lack lustre’ feel and look. You’ll need to get your hands on the Redken All Soft range to get bounce, shine and volume back into your locks.

The All Soft shampoo washes away impurities to leave hair feeling softer & more manageable. Always remember to massage into a lather. The conditioner works hand in hand with the shampoo to inject moisture for intense softness to leave your hair feeling silky looking shiny.

For Colour Treated Hair: Redken COLOUR EXTEND

Whether you are a deep black,  spicy brown or a hot pink, keeping your colour vibrant for Spring is must!  Colouring your hair means that you need to carefully treat it to avoid severe breakage.  Avoid buying a bunch of unnecessary products, for radiant colour the Redken Colour Extend Magnetics combo provides targeted repair for coloured hair with easy detangling for a softer smoother and more conditioned feel.

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