MIC star spills the Ibiza gossip

The office is still sad about Love Island no longer being on tv, but thankfully e4’s Made in Chelsea has started again! The glamorous bunch jetted out to Ibiza for 5 weeks of fun to film the Ibiza series. We caught up with the lovely Emily Blackwell and found out about what she got up to whilst she was away! The 21-year-old model joined the twelfth series of Made in Chelsea in 2016 through her friends. She told us that her friends had started to film for Made in Chelsea so she ended up appearing on the show!

What’s it like being on Made in Chelsea?

It is actually really good fun! Sometimes it can be stressful, but the majority of the time, it is good fun. I love everyone I work with on the show and get on with everyone thankfully! I am so glad to have taken up this opportunity, it’s brilliant.

What are 5 things you cannot go on holiday without?

When I go on holiday I cannot live without; sun cream, camera, bikinis, hair bands and denim shorts! Suncream is so important for your skin and I always make sure to take great care of it. Taking my camera with me is such a necessity because I like to look back on the amazing memories I’ve made. Obviously, a girl can never have too many bikinis or hair bands for that matter, Pop bands are great as there is a style to suit your outfit.

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Last day in Marbella with my @lipsylondon bikini ❤☀️🌍

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How would you describe your style? Do you have any fashion icons?

Personally, I like to try dress as classy as possible. It’s always nice to look glamorous and I love it when people compliment me on my style. But saying that, I do have the odd days where I love a good tracksuit, mainly on the weekend around the house when I can just have five minutes to myself!

How was your time in Ibiza? Did it live up to expectations?

Ibiza was absolutely amazing. I have actually never been there before, so being able to go there for 5 weeks was a great opportunity. Whilst I was there I got to see most of the island, there are some stunning parts, it’s not all about partying! I can’t wait to visit the beautiful island again in the future!

Whilst you were in Ibiza, how did you style your hair?

In the day time, I normally put it up into a bun or a ponytail. When it’s hot like it was in Ibiza, I just wanted to feel comfortable, and putting it up into a ponytail is so simple but keeps me cool. When we went out in the evenings, or when I was filming I would blow-dry my hair then straighten it just to glam my look up a bit. When I’m in London I like to get a professional blow-dry regularly, so 5 weeks without one was torture! But now I’m back I cannot wait to start my blow-dry addiction again!

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If that isn't a dodgy lid… I don't know what is

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Do you have any favourite hair care products?

Yes, I do! Being a girl I find I have so many products- beauty, skin, hair, you name it! My hair is super dry so after I wash it I always put an argan oil onto it. I find this helps with keeping it soft and shiny and prevents it from being dry. Apart from that, I don’t really put anything else onto it, less is more!

If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be and why?

Hmmm, good question! If it was to suit me I would love to go blonde. This would be just because it’s the opposite to what I am so it would be nice to try! However, I know it wouldn’t suit me so I think it’s best I just stick to being dark. Changing hair colour is such a big decision and I don’t know if I would cope well with such a big change!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

I would love to try squeeze in a trip to Mykonos in Greece. So many people I know have recently gone and it looks amazing! It is definitely on my bucket list. But it all depends if I am going to have the time or not, so fingers crossed! If not then I can always make time to fit it in next year.

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Already planning my next adventure 💭✈️ 🌍 #travel

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Would you recommend Rush to your friends and family?

For sure! I absolutely love Rush. Tina, my stylist from Rush Kensington is a gem! She always makes my hair look amazing and knows exactly what I want! I always get compliments on my hair, so can’t thank Tina enough! Rush Kensington is also such a gorgeous salon and so easy for me to get too. I always look forward to my appointment, thank you Rush!

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Thank you @officialrushhairbeauty 😘💚

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