15 Sleek Long Bob Haircuts or ‘Lobs’ to Inspire the Chop

If you’re tresses are weighing you down with the same old style, it’s time to act. So, why not get that tired length cut away and revitalise your look with a long bob? Known as a ‘lob,’ long bob haircuts are the chameleon of the styling world. No matter your face shape, bone structure, or […]

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If you’re tresses are weighing you down with the same old style, it’s time to act. So, why not get that tired length cut away and revitalise your look with a long bob?

Known as a ‘lob,’ long bob haircuts are the chameleon of the styling world. No matter your face shape, bone structure, or hair texture, lob haircuts can suit all features and occasions. If you know what lob style you’d like, go ahead and book an appointment at your nearest Rush salon to make it happen.

But, if you want to see what a sleek long bob could do for you before taking the plunge, our incredible Academy Director, Adam Bryant, shares his favourite 15 lob ‘dos, and how to achieve the ultimate long bob look that says, “I’m living my best life”!


Wavy long bob haircut with blonde highlights.

1. Wavy lob with blonde highlights

A wavy long bob hairstyle can bring much-needed volume and depth to your locks. By going messy and adding light tones to a dark base, these blonde highlights emphasise all the fun you can have with the lob.

Red thick hair in a long angled lob by Rush.

2. A pillar-box pink lob

The lob length is the ideal partner for this showstopping pink do, complete with long, sweeping bangs. Make sure to get your tresses cut every six weeks. “The lob falls just above the collar bone”, says Adam. “As soon as it hits the collar bone it will break the line and might start to kick up on the ends.”

A striking colourful angular lob.

3. Uniformed angular long bob

A long angled lob is perfect for creating extra length and taming thicker manes, as they gradually take the weight out and down as they go. This style gives all-round definition and will make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re feeling brave, adding colourful streaks brings added impact too.

An ash blonde long straight bob by Rush.

4. A straight ash-blonde long bob

Matching the ash-blonde sensation with an ultra-straight lob is a bold choice. But you will be sure to amaze everyone with your striking new look. Sleek in shade and style, this lob takes the traditional bob, but helps it along with a trendy spin.

5. A ultra blunt dark lob

Iron out any kinks and emphasise your features with an ultra-blunt lob. Worn effortlessly by Kourtney Kardashian Barker, this lob takes her mane to the extreme. Trimmed symmetrically at the tips, it can appear severe. But Kourtney shows you can calm down the seriousness with gorgeous lips and patterns.

Rush hair styled straight copper lob with streaks.

6. Super straight copper lob with streaks

With precision cutting, a copper lob takes away brassiness, and instead gives you metallic definition. Bleeding in highlights helps soften the severe nature of this ‘do, allowing your mane to shine bright.

Rush styled textured long bob with blonde highlights.

7. A blonde highlighted textured lob

Versatile is the name of the game with a textured lob and they can be worn effortlessly down or in a ponytail. To keep your lob at its apex, Adam says to use “smoothing lotion (Liss Control) or a very small amount of serum and a blow dry spray for control.”

Rush-styled waved dark lob with added gloss.

8. Dark glossy waved long bob

The beauty of a long bob is that it can work with any shade on every type of hair. For those with darker tresses, enhancing the gloss against some waves lets natural light create beaut dimensions. To get the ultimate effect after washing, “blast off about 60% of the moisture than start wrap-drying,” Adam says. Then, “use a Denman or flat brush, drop the head forward and brush hair in all direction to keep the roots flat.” Finally, “finish mid-lengths and ends with a round brush for a sleek, polished finish.”

9. Side-parted wavy dark long bob

Harking back to the glory days of Hollywood, the side-parted lob is seriously seductive. Nicole ‘Lead Pussycat’ Scherzinger set Insta ablaze with her take on the trend. Finished off with a gorgeous red number and slim earrings, this is an A-list look that’ll cause wonder and envy.

A ‘70s lob by Rush in Manchester.

10. ‘70s lob with flicked bangs

This lob nails ‘70s nostalgia and showcases yet another way you can style a long bob. Team turned-under curls and flicked bangs with denim flares and florals for a nifty look that Stevie Nicks would approve of.

Rush Hair in Nottingham style a lived-in long bob with middle parting.

11. Blonde, lived-in long bob with middle parting

A lob with a middle parting is fun and carefree. Middle partings work by bringing the weight down from your long bob and beautifully framing your face. Lived-in shading also helps to create definition, through more natural highlights.

12. Angled blonde long bob with blunt ends

This long bob haircut is sassy but sophisticated. Worn beautifully by Billie Eilish, nothing says this style more than ‘femme fatale’.


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A Rush York-salon styled lob with highlights and sleek waves.

13. Sandy lob with waves

Mix up a straight lob with mid-to-end party waves. This sleek bob haircut melds two different styles together effortlessly. For an added touch, bringing in the balayage can take things from 2D to 3D.

Dark balayage long bob hair with texture styled by Rush in Sevenoaks.

14. Balayage textured long bob

With contrasting colours, this balayage textured lob is full of definition. The balayage and dark hues are a match made in heaven.

A straight blonde lob by Rush in Maidstone.

15. Extra-long blonde bob

Channeling the original long bob, with extra length and a slightly asymmetric finish, this lob is tried and tested. But if it’s a style you’ve not gone for before, it can truly transform you.

The secret ingredient of the lob look is a sleek and shiny mane. Once you have mastered the methods of getting shiny hair, you’ll never look back!

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