Long, dark, and healthy hair, full of waves and shine.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster Got a case of long hair envy? Us, too. Long beachy waves are the perfect style to see you through the summer, but having your hair grow fast enough to keep up can sometimes be a challenge. While there’s no (natural) way to go from lob to lengths […]

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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Got a case of long hair envy? Us, too. Long beachy waves are the perfect style to see you through the summer, but having your hair grow fast enough to keep up can sometimes be a challenge.

While there’s no (natural) way to go from lob to lengths overnight, getting into healthy habits can really help to make your hair grow faster over time. Our Academy Director, Adam Bryant, spoke with us and shared his expert knowledge on how to make your hair grow faster, resulting in a longer, sleeker mane.

Since the ‘90s, we’ve been performing hair miracles for clients, and we can do the same for you too. Just find your nearest hair salon and our stylists will make your mermaid wave wishes come true.

1. Get your daily greens in

Vitamins are the fuel your follicles need to help your hair grow faster. As Adam explained: “A healthy diet is always wise. In this case one that is rich in iron and vitamins C, D and E.”

“Iron is the most critical mineral for your hair,” stressed Adam. “If you don’t have enough iron in your diet, your hair volume will decline to compensate for your body’s need for it. Eating fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C drastically increases your absorption of iron, and boosts collagen production which’ll help your hair grow faster.”

Adam also mentioned that: “Vitamin D3 directly interacts with hair follicles, and when D3 levels are not optimal, it can decrease the volume of hair on the scalp. Seafood and orange juice are great sources of vitamin D3, so make sure to include them in your diet.”

“Another vitamin that’s great for reducing free radicals, improving collagen, and reducing oxidative stress in the scalp is vitamin E. You can find vitamin E in plenty of tasty treats including, nuts, mangoes, and avocados,” said Adam.

Eating foods rich in these vitamins will help to rebuild strong, nourished hair cells, keeping your strands looking shiny.

2. Limit your shampoo use

Regular shampooing helps wash away dirt and any product build up there may be in your mane, such as hairspray or styling gels. But washing your strands too often doesn’t just make your hair dry, it can affect how quickly it grows too.

As well as mixing up your shampooing schedule, Adam added that: “A good quality moisturising shampoo is a must! As are regular moisturising and strengthening treatments.” So, when you do lather up, let the water rinse your shampoo through the remainder of your hair to help it remain healthy.

3. Always remember your conditioner!

While cutting down on shampoo will hopefully make a difference to how fast your tresses grow, we’d always recommend regular conditioning.

Many high street shampoos are filled with harsh and damaging chemicals, called sulphates, which can strip away your hair’s natural oils. So, keeping up with your conditioning ritual is essential to not only improve the overall quality of your hair, but also increase the speed at which your hair grows.

Long, dark, and healthy hair, full of waves and shine.

4. Look after your scalp

We often forget about one of the most important factors that aids super-fast hair growth; our scalps. Just as important as looking after your locks, taking care of your scalp will increase the speed your hair grows at.

Adam told us that: “If you’ve got time, a daily scalp massage will encourage blood circulation to the area, helping deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.”

“Believe it or not, your choice of hairstyle can also make a difference” explained Adam. “Repeatedly wearing tightly pulled hairstyles can cause friction and stress at the follicle. Never changing your parting can also have a similar effect.”

So, taking a bit of you-time to massage your scalp can work wonders for hair growth, as well as reducing your stress levels. Gently brushing your strands every day from your scalp avoids stress on the lengths, keeps your mane detangled and helps to stimulate hair growth. Plus, on hot days, wearing heat protection on your scalp will also mean faster and healthier hair growth.

5. Get frequent trims

The one thing you want to avoid, so your hair can grow quicker, is not going for regular chops. Not getting your mane cut regularly will mean one of the worst horrors of all…split ends!

Split ends occur when your hair strands break. This will leave your ‘do looking thinner, but worse, stop hair growth altogether past a certain point. So, to avoid split ends appearing and keep your hair healthy, we advise you visit your stylist and get a trim every 8-10 weeks.

6. Invest in a microfibre towel

Like many people, we’re also guilty of wrapping our hair in a cosy, plush bath towel after washing our mane. Although this seems harmless, it’s not good for your tresses.

The woven fibres in certain towels can get caught in your hair, especially when you wrap it up tightly. Opting for a microfibre towel is a much safer option, that’s kinder on your follicles to ensure speedier hair growth.

7. Put down the straighteners

Your straighteners and curling wands may be your best friend for getting those red carpet looks, but they’re a devil when it comes to slowing down the growth of your strands.

The rules are – the healthier your hair, the faster it will grow and the longer it will be. If you can avoid using your heated tools daily, we promise you’ll reap the benefits.

As Adam told us:

“Protective hairstyles are a great alternative to using your heated tools. They safeguard your hair against harsh seasonal elements and damaging environmental factors, like free radicals.”

“Braids or twists are a practical option as they also minimize the wear and tear of daily hair routine. Folding your hair into a soft pleat or bun places no stress on the follicle and protects the lengths and end from environmental damage.”

However, if you’re dependent on a heated tool to get the most out of your ‘do, always make sure you use heat protectant each time you style.

Bright blonde hair, full of natural shine and volume.

8. Try a Kérastase Fusio-Scrub treatment

Sometimes, the best way to get your hair to grow faster is to treat it to a deep cleanse. Adam explained that: “Over time, oxidative stress can affect the speed and quality of your hair growth. Oxidative stress is caused by a build-up of product, dirt, and oil around the follicle opening, which slowly suffocates your hair root.”

Adam went on to say: “A build-up of free radicals can also, over time, contribute to the hair follicle closing off, thereby limiting growth. So it’s best to avoid oxidative stress as much as possible by keeping your scalp clean.”

One of the best ways you can keep your scalp cleansed is with our Kérastase Fusio-Scrub service. This fantastic treatment exfoliates your hair, giving you healthier, cleaner, but most of all, faster growing locks.

9. Your hair may be in its resting phase

This may be the most difficult factor to fix when it comes to helping your hair to grow quicker, as it’s one we’ve got no control over.

Just as we all have different hair types, our strands grow in four phases, which largely comes down to genetics. The four phases are known as:

  • Anagen – The growing phase which lasts between two to seven years.
  • Catagen – Takes place once the hair stops growing, allowing it to become detached from the blood supply. It lasts around two to three weeks.
  • Telogen – Also known as ‘the resting phase’, this is when the hair rests and new hair grows beneath it. This phase lasts up to three months.
  • Exogen – Sometimes called the ‘shredding phase,’ this is where you’ll notice hair falling out. But don’t worry! This is completely natural. You may not realise it, but you’ll normally lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day.

If you do think the growth of your mane has slowed down, it mightn’t be a cause for alarm. Instead, your hair may just be naturally resting, waiting for your new hairs to grow.

As we finished chatting to Adam, he had one more piece of advice:

“To really encourage length and make your hair grow faster, you have to think of it in two steps: stimulating growth and keeping the hair you do have healthy, from inside and out. Getting these steps right is the magic that makes your hair grow faster and will make a huge impact to how you style your tresses.”

When you’ve got your length just right, why not experiment with trending ‘70s hairstyles to wear in 2023?

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